Ultra X3 800W Modular Power Supply


More power!

I’m not a huge fan of repeating myself, but I will.  Every time I review a power supply I give the same speech about how improtant a quality power supply is.  No matter if you have the most expensive hardware on the planet with the highest bandwith and most ram of anyone, anywhere… it’s absolute junk if you don’t have a quality PSU to keep it all going.  The processor is the brain, the motherboard is the nervous system, and the PSU is the food, metabolism, and that protein shake you drink every morning.

If you’ve noticed lately, everything is more power hungry than ever.  A decent video card now requires its own power source, and many people are Crossfiring the crap out of their systems, so that’s twice the original juice flowing through.  And now there are Blu-Ray drives, and you’ll probably want to keep your old DVD burner for a while, so now you have two optical drives.  Twice the power again.   Overclock, put in more RAM, a million fans, and all the gadgets that plug into your USB and suck away more energy.  Jeeze, people.  I hope you are all enjoying that hefty electric bill.

The good news is that the PSU companies are meeting (and in some cases, grossly exceeding) the power demands of today’s users.  One such case in point is today’s review subject, the Ultra X3 800Watt Power Supply.  It’s glossy black, it comes in an intimidating black and gold box (just like Sake), and has enough power to get you through the day without overdoing it.  But Ultra does make a 2000Watt as well, so if you feel like pulling the power from your entire block, you can.  Here’s the info on this black beauty:

All New X3 Modular Power Supplies
Ultra pulls out all of the stops for their latest power supply. By combining our “EE” (Energy Efficient) platform, which converts as much as 85% of AC power into DC power during typical loads, with a quiet 135MM ball bearing fan, our patented modular interface and our Limited Lifetime Warranty, Ultra clearly dominates the market with the new X3 power supply!

The X3 is super efficient, using less electricity than other power supplies when providing power to your computer and it generates less heat. Cooling is substantial yet silent by utilizing a thermostatically controlled 135MM ball bearing fan and a honeycomb cut exhaust grill. The X3 also has full range active PFC, which improves apparent power used by the computer. The modular interface allows you to only plug in the cables you actually require for your particular PC. The X3 is ready for even the most high end gaming rigs by providing up to four 6-pin PCI-e connectors, and the 800W and 1000W models provide the newest 8-pin PCI-e connector for the latest 300W graphics cards.

If the you’re looking for an efficient, quiet, powerful, modular power supply with a Lifetime Warranty, there’s no reason to look any farther than the Ultra X3!

Total Output Power:
800W (Full Load, Nominal Input Voltage)

85% at Typical Load

AC Input Voltage: 115V/230V
AC Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
AC Input Currents:

  • 13A (RMS) for 115VAC input
  • 8A (RMS) for 230VAC input
  • Supports AMD and Intel Motherboards
  • Low Acoustic Noise
  • 135mm Fan
  • Meets ATX Version 2.2, v1.3, and ATX 12V Version 2.2 Specifications
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • In-Rush Current Protection
  • Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection
  • MTBF > 100,000 Hours at Full Load,
  • 0VAC and 25°C Ambient Condition
  • FCC and UL Recognized