Ultra Microfly Mini Case Review


Buzz about this fly?

When I first look for a new computer case, I look at included power supplies, front-side features, and cooling. When I look for a micro-ATX case, I also want it to be subtle, slight, and all-around superfly. The Ultra MicroFly case tries hard on all counts and is an all-around solid performer that looks stylish to boot.

Rather than a flat desktop that would fit in an entertainment center, or a mini-tower that’s just a smaller ATX case, the Microfly is sort of squareish at the front. It is 11.25” wide by 9” high by 15” deep. The metal sides and top are all very light and the aluminum case is surprisingly mobile. A handle mounted on the front is an inspired feature because its unusual shape is best suited for being trucked to people’s houses and set-up on makeshift desks for LAN events, but it also looks nice as part of any home-computing setup. The black, glossy paint adds a special layer of class.