Uh oh, chasis alarm…

I came back from doing laundry about 30 minuites ago (hey, the washers and dryers are empty at 4 AM) and hear my chasis alarm going off. Logging on I find that my CPUs are running at 150-153F, and at 155 they shut down. Then I pick up my watch and check the temperature (I had just walked in from a hallway with the window open, and my watch has a temperature gauge) and it reads in at 105.6. I quickly opened the window, turned on a fan and in under 5 minuites the temps had dropped below 120F and the alarms shut off (the alarms trip at 140, but don’t shut off till 120). Phew. Turns out that the girl one floor up with the thermostat in her room had put a wet washcloth over the thermostat and pointed a fan at it to make it cooler and therefore crank the heat up. I found this out because she was woken up by my case alarm and when I explained the predicament she said “oh, I thought it would be nice if it was warm overnight”. Sigh. At least nothing was damaged, but my laptop’s thermal trigger did trip and it shut off completely. Just got it back on and am typing to you from it.

Anyone else ever have something like this happen?

By the way, the chasis temp was around 130 and normally it runs at around 80, with CPUs at 100 (70F ambient).

Sorry for the F, but I’m an engineering student to the core