TweakMonster Light Strips Rev. 2


If you have a window in your case you know that the next step in your case modding journey is to now add lighting so that the inside of your case will be even cooler looking. There are many different ways in which you can light up the inside of your case, neons, cold cathodes, LEDs, and now light strips. With neons, cold cathodes and LEDs you don’t have much variation on where you can put them in your case. With these light strips you can put it practically anywhere, the light strips come in 3 diffrent colors green, pink, and blue. Here are some of the specs of the light strips.

  • 2.5 feet of Light strip
  • 7/16 of an inch wide x .020 thick (20 thousandths of an inch)
  • Self-adhesive backing sticks to anything stickable
  • May be cut to different lengths, all of which will glow individually
  • Uses small power converter that is easily hidden, and can run numerous light strips at once
  • Negligible power consumption (milliamps)
  • NO HEAT generated from the light
  • Can conform to just about any type of surface, including sharp bends and corners
  • Burn life of 15,000 hours (3 years straight)
  • Works right off your computer’s power supply

You don’t get a whole bunch of things everything is one piece and nothing has to be assembled. The light strip comes with a 4-pin Molex connection which can be plugged right into your power supply.

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The inverter is contained within a plastic box which is nice because if it were not then it would conduct electricity and shock things.

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I plugged in the light strip and turned off the light, the strip was pretty bright but I would like it have been brighter which I will discus more later. Also while I was holding it I got shocked a few times. The shocks were not very strong however it still happened.

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Installation of the light strips is simple and strait forward, all you need to do is peel of the adhesive backing on the bottom side of the strip and stick it wherever you want. I went ahead and ran it from the top back of the case to the bottom of my case since my window is right in that area.

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I then plugged it in and fired up my computer and they began to glow, they did a nice job at it too. I then installed my side panel with my blue window. I could see the inside of my computer well with the light strips whereas before if the lights were off I could not see inside of my case at all. However because my window was blue and the light strips are pink the inside of the case looked basically lit up in a violet color. I was not able to get a good picture of them running with my window on but I think it looked really cool.

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These light strips are really cool and have a lot of potential MOD possibilities which are only limited to your imagination. You can put this anywhere you like depending on how your case is designed, like on your heatsink, on PCI slots, drive bays, anywhere really. The only negative things I would find with these light strips is that they need to be brighter and I got shocked a few times. I would like to thank Scott from highSpeed PC for sending over this light strip for me to review, head on over and pick one up they come in 3 diffrent colors green, pink and blue.



  • Very cool looking
  • Great price ($19.99)
  • Flexible and bendable
  • No heat given off
  • Lasts for 3 years
  • You get enough to adequately cover your case
  • Inverter covered


  • Should be brighter
  • May shock you
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.