Turok for Xbox 360 Preview


Return of the dinosaur hunter

It’s been a long time since I’ve played a Turok game. Honestly, the last Turok I played was on the N64. I fondly remember my experience with my first Turok:

I was in the 6th grade, still yet a young gamer. I remember swimming, picking up guns, killing giant dinosaurs, centipedes, and aliens, and exploring vast worlds of many different varieties. I also remember the insane difficulty, awesome cheats, and no save points.

It has been nine years, and how has Turok changed? We’ll have to wait for the full release apparently, because the demo frickin’ sucks.

I happily ran to my local gaming store to put some smooth cash down on Turok so I could pick up the 360 demo disc. Unfortunately, the demo discs were not available for PS3. My guess is because the cost of Blu-Ray is too high to give those discs out for free.

So I plug in Turok, and decide to my immediate surprise (and Alan’s), that the demo is total lame-sauce.

Let me lay something right on the table: I am no gaming noob. I make quick work of adventure games, platformers, and first person shooters. This demo was impossible.

Turok starts in a cave with one of his partners. It scared the crap out of me when I turned around and saw someone standing there. Apparently Turok’s buddies can’t be killed though…