Trisha's Top 10 Lamest Games of All Time

A list games I love, now a list of games I wouldn’t be caught dead playing ever again:

Trisha’s Top Ten Games Never to be Caught Dead Playing Ever Again So Help Me God:
1. Pokemon Snap (dude, I beat it in an hour….and you can’t kill pokemon by throwing apples at them….dammit Jim..)
2. Animal Crossing
3. Perfect Dark Zero 
4. Any Matrix game
5. Any NFL game (gag me…sports games)
6. Gran Turismo (no fun, too hard)
7. Indiana Jones (ugh no fun)
8. Deer Hunter (no more doe pee, please…)
9. Star Wars Jedi Outcast
10. The Simpsons Hit and Run (doh..doh..doh..gets…old…fast…)
Anyone else have an opinion?
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