Traffic Building and Homework



One of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your site is to key in on a hot topic. If you have a site dedicated to why butter melts on summer days and then you place a series of supporting articles on your site you may not wind up with as much traffic as you’d like. This may be due to the fact that this is an issue most people don’t really think about much – or perhaps they’ve already learned the secret.

However key in on a controversial topic like the death penalty or hate crimes you will likely find improved traffic. You can also look for emotionally connected issues such as weight loss or an improved health.

Once you’ve optimized your site with appropriate keywords or phrases your site will likely find its way into a better place in search engine rankings and it may show up in Google’s email program.

When visitors make it to your site you should attempt to ensure that you can welcome them back again at an appropriate time. Many sites do this with the offer of a free report when the individual decides to leave the site. The offer will usually say something like, “Don’t leave yet. As a way of saying thank you…” and then will explain the report, tip or ecourse that is being offered with a simple and absolutely free sign up.

If the visitor is interested and the information you have on your site has been valued then that guest may find it in their interest to sign up for your free newsletter. This is especially true when they know they can opt out at any time.

Most sites manage this with time-released autoresponders, but the intent remains improved traffic.

I have been to some health related sites that were infused with health information, testimonials, quotes from doctors and article archives that provided a comprehensive look at the health issue being discussed. The exit strategy left me with a choice about receiving reports on additional ways to combat this potential health issue as well as recipes that will help aid in a healthy lifestyle.

At that point, if a site visitor has any interest at all, it becomes a fairly easy decision – perhaps as easy as bookmarking the site. All they need to do is provide an email address and a first name. The reports are sent and the visitor has regular links back to the primary site if they need more information or want to make a purchase of an ancillary product or service.

Traffic that is built from individuals who have a motivation for visiting the site is much more beneficial than using email marketing that can be little more than a shot in the dark if the list is leased. You might hit something, but they may not be happy about it.

Work to optimize your site at the beginning of your online journey and then develop a desirable means of encouraging first time guests to come back. If you’ve done your job right many of them will take you up on your offer.

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