Top 9 Tech Blunders of 2012

Top Tech Blunders 2012

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Every year there are lots of notable blunders that make people scratch their heads as to what the heck happened.  There were no shortage of things to poke fun of in 2012, and some of these things were very public in modern media.

Let’s go over some of the most memorable bone-headed fails in the technology industry last year.

8. Playstation Vita

Sony’s Playstation Vita is the successor to its mildly-popular Playstation Portable.  Seeing that tablets were starting to take over a large piece of the gaming pie, Sony put together a device that had a lot of social features, in addition to a large OLED touchscreen, hardware buttons, and wireless features.

On paper, the device looked like it could take over the portable gaming crown.  The Vita was launched with lackluster sales and little enthusiasm from the gaming community.  The console was a little too eager to demonstrate its new touchscreen features, and came out with games whose control schemes just didn’t work well.  Some people held out to see if  Sony’s first-tier franchises could save it, such as Resistance, but unfortunately the Reisistance game is one of the worst on the platform.

It still is a great and viable system, but there don’t seem to be much on the horizon that will make new buyers interested.

7. Megaupload shut down

Megaupload was a file-sharing service incorporated in Hong Kong (although based in New Zealand) that was closed down by the Department of Justice on January 19, 2012.  The owners of the site were arrested for alleged copyright infringement, and $42 million worth of their assets were frozen.

Like so many other online services, the site is not responsible for the content that their subscribers use.  Many of the people that used Megaupload used it to share files and media for legitimate purposes, such as Dropbox and Google Drive are used today.

It was discovered that the warrants used to arrest Megaupload employees were invalid and the United States has yet to provide evidence of copyright infringement… and yet an online empire was shut down based on accusations.

Lots more bone-headedness abounded in 2012.  Read the next page…