Top 12 Fallen Tech Sites


We tip our hats...

There have been a lot of tech sites that came about in the late ninteties and early 2000s.  These sites emerged shortly after the Internet became a household word, and the technology to run them was fairly primitive compared to today (there were no such things as Content Management Systems… the horror!).  Many of the sites started the whole “blog” concept even before the term became popular, and some tech sites helped influence the hardware and gaming industries.

I have fond memories of many different tech websites.  For me, they were not just a place to get information or look at the latest case mods; they were a virtual hangout where I felt like a part of a community.  This is what started me writing, and eventually led to running a site of my own.

Below are some of the tech sites that have left us with fond memories, but are no longer with us.

To start off our countdown are noteworthy tech sites, but we just couldn’t gather any information on them for this article.  Those sites are Mikhailtech, Hi-Tech Reviews, Tekbunker, HardwareZoom, ReviewNation, FuriousTech, BonaFideReviews, The Tech Lounge, Iceteks,  Club Overclocker, and XYZ Computing.

Now on to the countdown!

12. Monkey Review

This was one of the short-lived tech websites there was. It was a lot harder to come up with a good site design back then, and Monkey Review really didn’t have much visual flair.  It may have started in late 2001, but by 2004 it was completely dead.  Too bad, because they had some decent articles.



This tech site is one of the only ones I know of run from Ireland.  It was also short-lived and ran from 2002 til about early 2006. is an independent irish technology based, news, Hardware reviews and information website with a wide audience. is designed to inform and create a community of people with similar interests in the high tech or “geek” scene. Although mainly a PC / Windows related news site it does provide coverage of all aspects of technology .

The domain is still active, but it has a “hello world” WordPress default.  Like many tech sites, they are using off-the-shelf content management system, but looks like the site might come back one day.

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  2. Beth S.

    September 13, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Ah, The TechZone…who knew over a decade ago when I joined the forums for help with a problem I would end up "working" there for years, then moving on to actually work for other tech sites? Thank you for this list! There were a few sites on there I was wondering what had happened to them.

  3. Thomas DM

    September 13, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Nice article, I still remember most of these sites fromt the good old days.

    • ocmodshop

      September 13, 2012 at 11:36 am

      VE recently did it's last official "Blah" post, fittinly written by Billy's younger brother. In it the staff says their final farewells, so it truly is the death of VE.

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