Tired of all this working

Alright so I’m tired of all of this working. I had had an original plan….go to school, work at the hospital swing-shift 7 on 7 off, volunteer at Planned Parenthood for 9 hours a week, teach on my off-week at the hospital, and every once in awhile pull at shift at Gamestop. The benefits would be great from the hospital, and I would make a sh*tload of money…. but I would never see Steven and probably I would suck at getting my homework done.

Don’t be fooled, I absolutely abhor teaching, but my students will probably begin to fade away, and then… who knows. But for now, something interesting might be in the works for me at Gamestop in terms of a raise and perhaps maybe even some benefits.
Steven wants me to work so that I make a lot of money…. I don’t resent him for this, but it’s because he changed jobs and isn’t being successful that we don’t have any money right now. Honestly, I support Steven’s new job, we just thought it would be more lucrative by now.
Money money money…. a friend of mine at Gamestop put me on the right track last night…. who cares about the frickin’ money!?!?!?! Money doesn’t create happiness I’ve found out, because the lack of it and strain that accompanies it really makes a marriage difficult. We’ll make it through…… I know….
I slept in today through the alarm, yah I’m a loser. Oh well, 4 day weekend! I even get to get out of teaching tomorrow at 5pm instead of 6:15…. so I’ll be good. Tonight will be fun, I have mostly great students and my last students aren’t having a lesson so I get to spend a little more time with my favorite little ones.
I’m going to JoAnn’s fabrics sometime this weekend to look at fuzzy baby yarn…. I’m so excited….
I cancelled the trip to get the fuzzy baby yarn.
My friend’s baby died today.  There was a knot in his umbilical cord. He was 4 days from the due date. My friend is absolutely crushed.
Sometimes family comes before everything else in the entire world.
I think they’re going to sue… the prenatal doctor told them to go home and come back the next day even though the baby had a weak heartbeat. The next day, it had died, and she had to deliver a dead baby. Oh God I’ll never get the image of the gray, lifeless baby being delivered…sorry for imagery people…. I’ve been having nightmares…. just wretched.
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