Thoughts on New Sony Products…

I love Sony. I have always loved Sony. I’m not saying that they do everything right, nor am I saying that Sony is a superior company to Microsoft or Nintendo. In fact, over the past few years you wouldn’t have been able to pay me to play a PSP. Yuck.

The new PS3 and PSP look amazing. Shrinking the PS3 is an ingenious idea, since I throw my back out pretty much every time I have to move it. The downsizing of the PS2 was a success in the past, so I can only imagine how nice it is going to be to have a tiny little PS3 and not some huge honkin’ machine that takes up half of my entertainment system.

The decrease in the price point will be a help as well. PS3 still kills the Xbox 360 in terms of hard drive capacity for the same price (not to mention I’ve never seen a defective PS3…), but dropping the price will make the older versions a lot more accessible to the general public, considering what cheap unemployed bastards we are now-a-days.

I’m impressed with the new PSP-3000 as well. I would be very interested to hold one and see if it feels more ergonomic than the current model on the market. It looks as though it would fit perfectly into my small mutant hands, but only time will tell. The whole color thing isn’t really that interesting to me (considering they’re pink and aqua… catering to the girly and FAB-U-LOUS!), but the piano black and pearl white editions with the slider should be interesting.

Would you buy a new PS3 or PSP based on the updates? If you don’t already own one or the other, do these changes encourage you to drop your precious pennies?

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