Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo


Do you know Nintendo?

There are lots of things about the largest video game console maker that most people aren’t aware of.  If you’re a Nintendo fan, then you’ll love these little interesting tidbits about the company and its games.

“Nin Ten Do” translated from Japanese into English means “We do all that we can, the best that we can, and then await the results”.  Roughly translated means “Excellence”.  Some have said that it means “leave luck to heaven”, but that is false.  This is the official answer and comes directly from Nintendo.

Nintendo of America’s main campus is only a few blocks away from Microsoft.  Microsoft buildings are all over Redmond, WA, and a few of the buildings are only a few blocks away.  The main Microsoft campus is about a mile away.

The day after Christmas is Nintendo of America’s biggest call center day.  Nintendo hires hundreds of temporary workers, spends weeks of training, and spends tens of thousands of dollars training people just to support customers for that single day.

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