Thief (2014) Review


Garrett Returns Again

I bet you wanted to be a superhero when you were a kid, huh? Every boy wants to be Superman or Batman, every girl wants to be Wonderwoman or one of the X-Men, if she happens to be into comics and games rather than dolls. The idea of being Batman struck my fancy, but that all changed back when I saw a movie called Entrapment. Ever since then, my one secret wish was to be a professional thief. Living in the shadows, taking things to sell on the black market or as part of a contract. I still wish that to this day.

That’s why when games like Thief come along, I get excited. The odds of my getting to be a professional in real life are extremely slim. So I have to make up for it by playing games. I played the original Thief some time ago and loved it, so I had high hopes that this game would live up to its namesake.

Garreth talking Fighting in the Rain
Take out people Silently Great Architecture in Thief

Thief is a first-person game, where you play a sticky-fingered bandit named Garrett who lives to steal. And he’ll steal pretty much anything. You spend the first couple minutes of the game jacking combs and scissors from a sleeping man’s room. The focus of this game is to be as quiet and unnoticed as possible while taking anything and everything you can. And it would seem that Garrett also has a knack for parkour, as he jumps and slides feet forward over obstacles as he runs. It seems a little out of place for the time period, but this is fantasy after all.

thief_screenshot_the_bank_heist_01 We're Hunting for Treasure

The city that you call home is overcome with a disease known as “The Gloom”, and in its old school European-style setting, it’s obviously a play on the times when the Black Death ran rampant in the streets of Europe. Except that everyone in this game has an American accent, so any hint of historical accuracy feels wasted here.