They’re Remaking Chrono Trigger? The Wrath’s Future.

Wow, Square Enix is remaking Chrono Trigger, what a shocker. Why am I not surprised you ask? Because SE only makes money off sequels, it’s like Capcom in the mid 90’s when you think about it. Their developers can’t create a new video game franchise even if they had the best tools at their disposal. They basically have to go off everything created by Sakaguchi and co. to survive.

It’s no secret that Chrono Trigger stands as my favorite game of all time, and I am anxious to see what this remake has to offer, if it proceeds to ram the franchise into the ground the way the remakes of Final Fantasy are doing then you can just flat F***ing forget it. Give us new 2D models and be done with the whole thing. Chrono doesn’t need anything fixed. Now just because we get a remake and I am an old fart for remembering the damn thing over a decade ago, I am doing a retro review of Chrono just for your delight! Expect one on Final Fantasy VII as well, since it goes with my Crisis Core review from awhile back.

As far as the Wrath is concerned: It is retired, officially, done, buried, dead. I’ve resurrected it once, and can never do a weekly since doing it. After bringing it out of retirement a second time while working for OCmodshop, I got this thing, and figured it was time to can it for good. However, I am not done with editorials, I plan on just posting here in Wrath format, just no topics of the week, and defiantly no “News of the week.” Stuff is just so sporadic as far as kernels of info are concerned that my column is so ancient anyways. See what I did with the CT remake? Well that is what is going to happen here. My other blog on live journal is considered defunct now, so this will mostly be a video game blog. For those of you that care, well now you know.

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