ThermaxTech XFlux-GA Thermal Compound


What is this extra performance going to cost? Let’s do a price analysis of all the competition and see who offers the best value.

product amount price price/g
ThermaxTech 3.5g $4.99 $1.42
Arctic Silver 5 3.5g $5.99 $1.71
Arctic Silver 5 (large) 12g $16.99 $1.41
Arctic Silver Ceramique 2.5g $4.99 $1.96
Generic Silicon Compound 1g $1.95 $1.95
Prices taken from online retailers Jan 2006

As can be seen from the previous analysis, the TherMax Tech compound has a decent price ratio. You have to buy a huge tube of Arctic Silver to reach the value that XFlux-GA offers. In addition to this finding, the TherMaxTech xFlux-GA offers better performance than the competition, and performs as well as the highly efficient Arctic Silver Ceramique.

REPORT CARD : TherMaxTech XF-Flux-GA Thermal Compound
category rating comments
Quality 5 Product adheres well to metal, doesn’t conduct electricity, fine ultra-pure metal particles.
Innovation 5 Definately “thinking outside the box” with new ingredients that achieve higher performance..
Performance 5 Best performance of any compound.
Packaging 3 Syringe is efficient and resealable, labeling looks generic. More flair would help market the product, but probably keeps costs low.
Value 5 Far less than any other compound, and performs better than any of them..
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars
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