ThermalTake V1-Ultra CPU Heatsink



One of the best air-cooled heatsinks I’ve ever tested is Zalman’s CNPS-9700 NT (reviewed here), and the ThermalTake V1 achieves the same performance.  The V1 certainly does better than other heatsinks in our test platform, and totally blows Intel’s OEM heatsink away (but so does nearly any third-party heatsink).

Performance-wise the V1 is certainly on the short list of top-performing air-cooled heatsinks, which usually perform as well as low-end watercooling setups.  There are a few concerns that you may want to consider.  For one, the V1 is freaking tall!  This cooler will not fit in a compact case, and possibly not in home theater cases.  You should check the clearance in your case before purchasing this heatsink.

As mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the plastic-pin installation method, especially if the motherboard is to be mounted vertically.  The advantage of this installation method is that the V1 can be installed in just a few minutes without removing your motherboard.

The V1 heatsink is raised to avoid cluttering the area around the processor, so it will clean any tall components on your motherboard.  The heatsink’s fan also comes with a built-in rheostat to silence it.  Turning the fan’s speed down does not affect the blue LEDs inside the fan (some cheaper lighted fans will begin to flicker when their voltage is turned down).

This heatsink was made to be proudly displayed, so you’ll be wasting its beauty if you don’t have a windowed case. The ThermalTake V1 looks great, has top-tier aircooling performance and a very modest pricetag (check prices) when compared with the Zalman 9700 NT (check prices here)

REPORT CARD : ThermalTake V1 CPU Heatsink
category rating comments
Quality 5 Machining is well done, and base is mirror smooth
Innovation 5 Very original design that incorporates residual airflow
Performance 4 Not the leader, but definately in range with other high-performance air coolers
Installation 4 Depends on your Socket, but relatively easy
Value 5 Cheaper than Zalman 9700
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars
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