ThermalTake V1-Ultra CPU Heatsink


Thermaltake's Flagship Sink

The Humble Heatsink isn’t so humble anymore.  There used to be a time when a heatsink was a bare chunk of aluminum, without any fans, anodized coating, lapped surfaces, or anything resembling the metal beasts in today’s world.

The heatsink knows it’s the most important part of your computer system, so manufacturers cater to this prima dona by adorning it  with flashy mirrored copper and flashy aerodynamic designs.  Not only do they just look impressive in a windowed case, but they have excellent performance, and manufacturers try to best each other with fancy physics tricks.

Thermaltake knows heatsinks… whether you think their previous products are great or passé.  Their decades of experience have boiled down to their latest flagship model, the ThermalTake V1 (not to be confused with Thermalright’s V1 VGA heatsink), which is not only massive, but employs every modern heatsink trick in the book.  You’ll find heatpipes, mirrored bases, adjustable fans, efficient aerodynamic designs, and all-copper materials… and it looks like its technology was taken from Area 51.


Specification Detail
Compatibility Intel Socket LGA775, AMD Socket AM2/939/754
Dimension 147(L)x92(W)x143(H)mm
Heatsink Material Copper Base & Copper Fin
Heatpipe Copper Tube 5mm x 4 pcs
Fan Dimensions 110×25 mm
Rated Current 12 V
Start Voltage 7 V
Power Input 3.00 W
Fan Speed 1300 – 2000 RPM
Max. Air Flow 86.5 CFM
Max. Air Pressure 2.22 mm H2O
Noise 16 dBA – 24 dBA
Life Expectation 50,000 hours
Connector 3-pin
Weight 637 g


Feature Details
Ultimate cooling performance
  • All copper construction, provides most efficient heat conductivity and dissipation.
  • 4 long-length Heatpipe structure, removes heat from source via 4 different channels
Smart CPU & System Thermal Management
  • Side flow design futher utilizes system air flow to help accelerate air speed without increasing fan speed for added cooling efficency
  • Opening design, create multi-air-intake and dissipate surplus heat completely
Mirror coating copper base
  • guarantee perfect contact between CPU and cooler
Silent & Overclocking-Proof solution
  • Silent and powerful VR fan, 16dBA at minimum fan speed.
  • Adjustable fan control to boost cooling performance at overclocking operation
  • The 110mm fan comes equipped with blue emitting LED lights