Thermaltake ElementQ VL5000 Mini ITX Case Review


Small and Efficient

Many PC gamers use a mid-tower computer case, mainly because most full-featured motherboards are also full-sized ATX.  Mini-ITX motherboards have come on the scene over the past few years, but many of them have been under-powered, and not exactly suitable for gaming.  Intel’s ION platform is changing that, and now there is a legitimate need for small Mini-ITX cases for small and cute gaming system builds.

ThermalTake’s Element Q case is a small and cute case that is also targeted towards the PC gamer and computer enthusiast.  Not only does it have a small footprint, but can take a decent amount of hardware, and even includes its own power supply.


  • Quintessence – Typical small form factor, Mini-ITX chassis
  • Qute – Cute, a small size which requires minimum spacing
  • Quiet – Energy saving platform with fanless design
  • Built-in 200W SFX power supply
  • Front I/O ports for easy access
  • Compatible with Intel Atom platform
  • Don’t settle for less.  Element Q supports full-size 5.25″ Optical Disc Drives (Blu-Ray Players or DVD-RW Drives)

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