Thermaltake Aluminum XaserV WinGo V8000A Case



Thermaltake is pretty well known for their cases I think and this is my first time reviewing one. They sent over their new Xaser WinGo V8000A case which the top of the line in this series of cases. The case is 490 x 205x 580 mm in dimension and is made of aluminum so it is pretty light weighing only 14.77 pounds which is light for how large it is. The case boasts a lot of features which we will look at throughout the review.

The box that the case comes in is very nice and of high quality. The box has all kinds of information on it along with some award logos. The case within is very well protected with thick styrofoam to keep it protected.

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The front of the case is pretty cool looking and has a few nice features. First, on the top and bottom of the door there is a knob which is a fan control. if you hook your fans up to these knobs you will be able to change their speeds with ease. The back of the case has a nice overall design. The case comes with thumbscrews and a 80mm exhaust fan as well as keys for the lock.

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The window on the side panel comes protected really well on both sides. There is also a nice sized handle so that you can easily remove the panel. With the protection removed from the window you can see the Thermaltake etching and how nice the window really is.

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The top of the case features some external ports which are nice. Underneath the little door there is a firewire, 2 USB, MIC, and headphone port(s). Behind the door there is a piece of plastic with holes in it, this is for the fan which is attached to the inside top of the case. This will do a nice job alongside the exhaust fan to pull hot air out of the system.

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There is a lock on the door of the case to keep all of your hardware secure and to stop people from turning your case on or off. You have the option of locking it, unlocking just the door, or unlocking the door and front bezel. When the door and bezel are unlocked you can easily access behind the bezel which is better than removing it completely I think. Behind the bezel there is a 80mm intake fan with a filter on it to pull cool air into the case. You can also see a small knob next to the filter, turning this to the locked position will lock the side panel keeping your expensive hardware safe.

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