Thermalright V1 Ultra VGA Heatsink Review



After many years of producing some of the top-performing CPU heatsinks in the world, Thermalright has entered the video card cooling arena. The manufacturer has previously released the V1 and V1-Ultra, designed to handle the latest pixel-crunchers form nVidia and ATI.

Companies like Zalman and ThermalTake have been conquering the PC enthusiast market with innovative products to conquer the flaming beast in the newest graphics cards. ThermalRight has introduced their ThermalRight V1-Ultra heatsink to stake a claim in this territory.

features 80mm fan cooler (optional two fans)
Soldered fins to copper base to make effective contact
Compatibility across multiple platforms (ATI & NVIDIA)
Heat sink (base,front) L30xW24xH2 (mm)
Heat sink (body,front) L80xW80xH20 (mm)
Heat sink (body, rear/with fan) L80xW80*H28.5
Rear heat sink to VGA card 6 mm
Weight 310g (heat sink only)
Fan Manufacturer OEM
Fan Size 80x 80x 15 (mm)
Fan Bearing Two Balls
Fan Voltage 12V
Fan Speed 2500 rpm
Air Flow 24.84CFM
Noise Level 31.3 dBA

ATI: Radeon 9800, X700*, X800*, X850 (*: Check for details)
NVIDIA: GeForce 6600*, 6600 GT*, 6800, 6800GT, 6800 Ultra, 7800GT, 7800 GTX (*: Check for details)

Note: The new V1 Ultra GPU Cooler is designed for the newer chipsets in VGA cards in the likes of ATI’s 9800, X700, X800 and Nvidia’s 6600, 6800, 7800.