Thermalright Sk-6+ Heatsink Review



I just did a review on a Thermalright SK-7 and this is the little brother to that heatsink, the Sk-6+. This heatsink is almost identical to the SK-7 and has a lot in common with the SLK-800. The only real difference between the SK-7 and this heatsink is the fact that this heatsink can only hold a 60mm fan while the SK-7 can hold a 60mm and 70mm fan. This heatsink is about $8 cheaper than the SK-7 which is one reason you might want to go with the SK-6+ over the SK-7. If you are only looking to use a 60mm fan and want to save some money this SK-6+ would probably be a better buy for you.

The Thermalright SK-6+ comes in the same style of box that all of the Thermalright heatsinks have come in, a plain brown box. I like boxes that are flashy and something you could display and have people ask you about it. This box is not one of those, however after dealing with three other Thermalright heatsinks and having them be the best heatsinks I have used negates this fact.

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I opened up the box and on the top flap there are 4 clips which will hold your 60mm fan to the heatsink. One set of clips is for normal 25mm tall fans which is the “standard” while the other set is for 38mm tall fans like the one made by Delta. Below the flap is the heatsink, the clip for the heatsink and a tube of generic thermal compound. The heatsink is wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent it from being scratched which is good. I also like that more than one set of clips are provided because some of you may want to use that 38mm Delta screamer.

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Looking at the top of the heatsink you can see the fins which are all soldered to the heat plate on the bottom of the heatsink. The Thermalright SK-6+ is made totally out of copper and uses thin fins which is very popular with heatsink manufacturers these days. From the side of the SK-6+ you can see that that there are a lot of fins. Both the top and side of this heatsink look identical to the SK-7 for the most part, just that the SK-6+ is a little smaller.

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The bottom corners of the SK-6+ have a hole which are used for the clips to hold the fan onto the heatsink. These are the same style of fan clips that the SK-7 used and I don’t really like them. The reason I do not like these clips is because gravity makes them fall out when you are trying to mount your fan which can be tricky if you are working inside of a case. The clip on this heatsink is also the same as all of the other Thermalright heatsinks I have reviewed. This particular clip is not mounted within the heatsink so you will need to drop it into the slot for it.

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The bottom of this heatsink has no protective sheet on it like the SK-7 and SLK-800 did. Because there is nothing protecting the base there were some minor blemishes, but nothing that should make any difference in performance. I’m assuming that there is no protection because this is a budget heatsink but it would have been nice to see. There are four little dots in the base which are basically a guide for where the core should be on the heatsink.

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