The World of Pato

Sad to see EGM go under. It really is. A staple of the video game industry just died, games got more and more distant from what they were.

I’m not too happy on Widmer’s decision to take out Snow Plow as their winter seasonal. The 32 oz bottles are nice, but that new brrr ale is just garbage. Why take out the Snow Plow? I thought it was selling well (note from Pato-go buy Snow Plow beer if you haven’t tried it).

The Gamer is in proposal stages-meaning I’m talking to agents and finding a house that may want to take it on. Alan has already said “Whatever you need from me, just let me know” and I’m probably going to post sample chapters on OCmodshop. This won’t happen for a few months, maybe a year thanks to the slow pacing of the publishing industry, but this may be one of the only places to read my story of video games before it’s out. I’m trying to talk Gabe and Tycho from Penny-Arcade into doing the foreward, and also to do some limited edition covers for the Child’s Play auction. By the way, if any of you have contacts with literary agents, let me know.

I picked up the new Rise Against the other day-very dissapointed. Rise has gone the way of Anti-Flag as far as punk music is concerned and dropped musical quality for politics-which really annoys me. The tenth track though-”Flag I trust” (I think, that’s the name of it) is fucking amazing though.

I got a few things planned for this week. I’m going to do some proposal writing, and focus on some editorial/content for the site that I’ve neglected for a few months.

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