The Walking Dead Download Code Giveaway!


We are giving away download codes for “The Walking Dead” game by Telltale games.  We have a code for the Xbox 360 version (all episodes), and the PC version via Steam.

All you have to do is “Like” the OCmodshop Facebook page here:

The season finale of the game comes out today for Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow.  The turnaround will be pretty quick, as I want to unload these codes when the game releases.

Here’s some copy from Telltale about Episode 5.

In addition to giving you characters to care about, it was our goal to push the adventure game genre to a new level. As a player, you made some critical choices; you became the final collaborator in creating a new story of The Walking Dead. Giving players agency was vital to us, because nothing is as powerful as a personal story, where the things that you said and did mattered. Repercussions were sometimes immediate and sometimes, you didn’t see the domino effect until an episode or more later. But it got to the point where players understood that their choices had weight, and many people – especially those with Clementine at the top of their thoughts – dreaded the morally grey decisions that might mean choosing to stay alive for another day, or disappointing the surrogate daughter you’ve some to care about so much.

As we’ve  mentioned, choices matter in The Walking Dead.  You’ll understand when you play the finale, and you might also want to stick around after the credits.

Also.. hold onto that save file.  This isn’t the last season of The Walking Dead that Telltale will produce…

We do NOT recommend playing from JUST episode five. If you’ve played on PC, PS3, 360 or iOS through Ep 4, your choices will need to carry over into five to make the most sense in the story.  If you’d like to play Episode Five– we strongly suggest playing the season all the way through on the same platform.

When playing the finale, we ask that you please, play somewhere personal. Play somewhere quiet, without distractions, and out of sight from desks in the daylight with people hovering around. Email off, anything you can do.  I think you’ll thank us later for the advice…

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