The Truth Hurts

People make themselves sound like idiots instead of just saying the truth. Sure, the truth hurts, but most of the people sound dumb while trying to cover up for their real feelings. This is what I said to my ex-boyfriend in highschool when I dumped him:

“Jon, I love you but we’re just not right for each other. I’m going to music school in a year, and you want to be a computer programmer. We’re going to be far away, and I think we should be good friends so that breaking up later isn’t made more difficult by the fact that we would have been together so long.”
This is what I wanted to say:
“Jon, I’m dumping you because you have a small wee-wee and don’t know how to use it. Also, you have bad hair and smell like dirty armpit most of the time. You do have amazing (haha Mike) musical taste, but you need to wear dark sunglasses because you’re as ugly as the Ramones. I was only dating you because I needed a safety net, but now since I’ve found someone better I’m done with you. I would like to tell you this to your face, but I know you would cry like a girl because you are so emo, and then write some poetry or song lyrics about how much love sucks ass. Do us all a favor and cut vertically please.”
Okay that was a little harsh…. but the truth hurts dammit! But really, he was totally amazing, which is why I dumped him for Steven.
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