The Next Great Tech CEO


Hero or Cheerleader

Admit it.  You missed Steve opening WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference).   You missed him walking out at the end of Phil Schiller’s keynote where Steve walks from behind the curtain and says , “One more thing!”

There was no colored water to dazzle folks.  No one sat down on the chair, whipped off the shoes and socks, held them in the air and said “today we’re unveiling iSox.”  And five million people ran to the Apple store scooping up pairs at $50 per.  There was no rush to roll-out matching laces, iSox cases, a dizzying array of toenail colors mixed.

No Show – Despite all of the wild speculation, Steve Jobs didn’t show up at WWDC and according to his earlier statements plans to be back at 1 Infinity Circle late this month.  Oh yes, the team put on a very good event focusing on business, not personalities.

My gawd you had to focus on the announcements rather than the man.  Maybe – just maybe – the PC/CE/communications industry has passed thru another stage of growth, dare we say maturation?  The business world goes through phases and the technologies industry has gone from techie gee whiz stuff to fashion statements. The business and consumer industry today changes fast.  It changes more frequently than skirt length.

Need for Speed – Through good times and bad the PC/CE/communications industry has kept its design/introduction engine running at full tilt.  Today the industry moves faster than dress hem lengths.

In the ‘90s Jack Welch said the wind was at business’ back and he admits it was pretty easy to run GE.  Jeff Immelt is having a tougher time.

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