"The Gamer," Wrestlemania, and other things

Yeah, no one has heard much from me lately. I’ve been really focusing on my book “The Gamer” and getting a contract/representation for it. So far we have 5 agents looking at my proposal, which is rare. Typically, agents reject 99 percent of what they are pitched, so having five agents say “Show us your stuff” means I have a good idea. It’s just a matter of if they agree with what I’m doing.

Since I got a bunch of people looking at it, focus from my book is shifting to OCmodshop. I hope to get Megaman 4 done this week for the Megaman-a-thon. I haven’t been gaming lately either. my book, money, and work have all been reasons.


Quick Wrestlemania thoughts. I plan on doing a review for the site, since I think it fits in with our subject matter, but overall-it sucked. The Tag Match was dropped, the matches all were dull, and they took a strong card going in and literally made me fall asleep for it.

I did dig the money in the bank match, though I don’t really agree with WWE giving C.M. Punk the briefcase two years in a row.

Both championship matches were jokes.

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