The Big Mac in the photo

Some PR firms have special reviewer kits of their products that they send out to journalists like the fine staff here at OCModShop.  We are initially impressed, as we should be, because there is a lot of fine swag in these kits.

But we’re here to give you an honest review about what you’re going to get when you buy the product.  You’re not going to get a cool hat, waterproof case, flashlight, or glow-in-the-dark anal beads.  The reason we take a picture of the retail box is so you know what you’re getting, and can identify the product in a store.  When we get a special package, we can’t tell what you, the consumer, should expect.

It’s like McDonald’s giving reviewers the same Big Mac in the photo, but the customer gets, well… a Big Mac.


Please do send the press kits, though.  Believe me, I’m all for getting extra swag… and please do try to entice me.  I accept cash, and can point you to my Paypal account where you can make a “donation”.  We can even set up a lucrative ad campaign, and I’ll promote your shizzle all over the hizzle.

Just know that we’re going to comment on the product that the consumer receives.  The end result of our reviews and articles is just the boiled-down truth.  We would lose tremendous credibility if we said a product was great when it really wasn’t… and it’s our reputation that made the vendors want to sponsor OCModShop in the first place.

We’re the peanut of truth in the turd of marketing hype.

Alan is a web architect, stand-up comedian, and your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. You can stalk him on the Interwebs via Google+, Facebook and follow his ass on Twitter @ocmodshop.