Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Tesoro Tizana Keyboard Thumb Buttons

Using the Keyboard

This keyboard gave me the least trouble of all the mechanical keyboards I’ve tried lately.   There are no backlit LEDs to short out, and the keyboard indicator lights worked properly on Mac and Linux computers (which is not the case for Corsair’s entire K-xx keyboard lineup).

The keyboard did unexpectedly die when plugging into a different computer.  The keyboard simply would not respond, no matter what coaxing I did.  Thankfully it was just a bad USB cable, and I plugged in a new USB-to-mini-USB cable and the keyboard responded again.  Finding a cable that fit was another issue, as the mini USB port’s opening is not large enough for many cables.

USB Cables Plugged In

As I pointed out with our Cooler Master QuickFire Stealth keyboard review, a small form-factor keyboard takes some getting used to.  I naturally detect the placement of my hands based on the presence of the 10-key pad, and I was frequently mis-placing my hands and double-checking hand placement.

Fortunately, there is a 10-key upgrade that can be added to the right or left of the keyboard.  This numpad is reveiewed separately, but I mention it here to note that the extra gap between the keyboard and numpad is enough to make hand placement odd.

Tizona Bottom Angle

The keyboard also does not have a wrist rest.  This would have been handy there are times that you don’t want to use the thumb buttons (which would in the case of most people be always).  One of the reasons many people choose the Corsair K70 instead of the K60 is primarily for the full-sized wrist rest.

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