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Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor Review
PCStats :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
“The Intel Pentium 4 processor has come a long way in the last two years. These days, if you want a top of the line system, it’s going to have a Pentium 4 inside. Yes, AMD’s AthlonXP 2700+ and 2800+ processors are just as powerful, its just that they’re almost impossible to find for retail sale while the P4 2.8 GHz has been easily available since its’ introduction. Ever since the Northwood core was been introduced, Intel has been in front in terms of performance, and perhaps more importantly, availability. What makes the Intel Northwood P4 so attractive is that Intel has doubled the size of the L2 cache. With 512KB of L2 cache the performance penalty for having a long CPU pipeline has been dramatically reduced. To top things off, Northwood Pentium 4’s are great overclockers. Many 1.6A and 1.8A P4’s have no problem hitting 2.4 GHz+ with retail cooling!”

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Cooler Master ATC-710 case review
SystemCooling :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
When I received this Cooler Master ATC-710 I basically knew what I was getting. I’ve read about it quite a bit and being an owner of an Antec SX-830 case I knew that this was going to be a very well built case, with lots of room and was going to be user friendly. I thought about modding this case for a few days. I wanted to add to make it a bit more exotic and not loss what I consider a great monolithic looking case. I liked the clean front panels so I decided to leave them alone. But to bring this case more to life I decided to do some cutting, painting and lighting up.

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Shuttle XPC SS51G review
ViperLair :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
“Given it’s small size, and robust features, the usefullness of the SS51 is almost limitless. It can be a great LAN rig (with the proper video card), a corporate PC, a router, fileserver, or even a TiVO. Really, even when it’s served it’s purpose as a performance gaming PC, it can do almost anything else you want with it.”

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Titan MT1AB5 Heatsink Review
Frosty Tech :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
“As anyone can plainly see, the Titan MT1AB5 is blessed with a lot of fins, but the effective use of airflow paths is what will really make the grade. In this respect, Titan seem to have learned from old deficiencies. While both fans on the heatsink appear identical at first glance, that is not the case. The first fan is used to pull air into the heatsink and push it out through the fins. The second fan has a reversed impeller so that it pulls air from within the fins and expels it outwards into the surrounding environment. So basically, one fan pulls in, the other pushes out.”

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Leadtek Twinforce 2 Motherboard & Graphics Card Bundle Review
Hexus :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
I pleaded with Leadtek to let me keep it as a permanent sample for a box I had plans to build, which is as about as high a recommendation as I can give it. For it’s purpose and taken in context as a relatively cheap games and media box, the bundle makes a lot of sense. This product comes recommended

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Think Computers :: Thursday, October 31, 2002
“A little while ago I was contacted by Josh at He wanted to know if we would like for him to make a custom case for us. I told him that would be great. He said I could pick from anyone of the cases that they make custom cases out of. They include: the Chieftec 601 case, an Additronic case, and a Supermicro case. My favorite out of the 3 was the Chieftec. He asked me what all I wanted done to the case. I said just put a window in it and make sure it says ThinkComputers on it. It was a vauge description on my part, but Josh said he could handle it. He said he could have the case to me in a few weeks… ”

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Swiftech MCX462+ Heatsink review
Tech-Dreams :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
“If you ever roamed or idled on IRC at in channels #virtual-hideout, or #tech-dreams, than you probably heard the bragging Sn1per and me managed to scream out everyday about Swiftech’s MCXC370 heatsink. Owning one myself I hold it near and dear to my heart until Thermalright’s SLK lineup popped up and I reviewed one of them, I switched only because of the temperature drop I noticed, and honestly I was shocked, the Swiftech unit I had and held dear to my heart was beaten, now I knew the MCX462+ would beat it especially with a 80mm fan (compared to the MCXC370 with a 60mm fan) but I got tired of switching heatsinks all the time so I stuck with the SLK-600 for the time being. Which brings me to this review, a review I am anxiously waiting to finish. The Swiftech MCX462+ is the newest kid on Swiftech’s block (no pun intended) and I’m hoping it impresses me as much as the MCXC370 did. Let’s waste no more time and begin shall we?!?!”


Lite-On LTR-48246S 48x24x48x CD-RW Drive Review
3dXtreme :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
“While this drive doesn’t offer much in the way of increased performance for users of the 40x CD-RW Drives and above, it deserves the Editor’s Choice Award for pushing the limits of CD-RW technology. Anyone looking to upgrade from a slower model CD-RW, this is the king of the hill!”

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Z640 5.1 Speaker System review
PCReviewSpot :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
“Mention the name Logitech and the word speakers to an enthusiast computer user as little as one year ago, and you would probably get a smirk of disgust upon their face. Do the same thing now, and that same user would probably perk their ears in interest. Ever since Logitech introduced their “Z series,” they have been making trends in computer audio. A couple of their key selling points are: their cost (inexpensive, great bang-for-the-buck) and the massive amounts of bass that the subwoofer pumps out. Let’s see if the new Z640’s live up to that standard! ”

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Soltek SL-75DRV5 Motherboard review
Voided Warranty :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

“This board uses the VIA KT333 chipset. One thing that I like about this board is the lack of onboard crap that most other boards have. Personally I could care less about USB 2.0 as I don’t have any devices that would use it. When I do have or need something that is USB 2.0 compatible, it will probably be time for a new board anyway.”

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fan silencer from Cobalt3
GideonTech :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
“From the product description, this device basically aids in silencing your noisy fans when the system does not need it. For example, if you are heavily using the system, more than likely CPU temperatures will rise which will also raise case temperatures. This rise in turn causes the sensor on the Pyramid to kick in and start the process of pumping more juice to the fan. As soon as case temperatures drop, the sensor sees the change in temperature and starts limited the amount of voltage, causing whatever fan that’s attached to slow down. This minimizes noise when it is not needed without much human intervention.”

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Compad Speed-Pad + Speed-Fix Spray Review
MODTHEBOX! :: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
“The Compad website does not detail the composition of the mousing surface but the construction is similar to the Ratpadz Gaming Surface and is polymer based. This makes for a very durable product that will last a lifetime of service, and should take most punishment for longer extended periods of gameplay. The Speed-Pad measures 24 cm x 30 cm and is slightly larger than the Ratpadz, meaning that you’ll need some extra desktop space to use this product. The lower outer edges are a few millimeters wider, which could be the difference between virtual life or death as you sweep your hand from side to side, but for other applications, it doesn’t matter.”

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Dynax Server Tower Case review
MODTHEBOX! :: Thursday, October 24, 2002

“The case measures 60 cm x 20 cm x 48 cm and weighs 18 kg, which would make it unwieldy for use at a LAN party, but excellent for modifications or server applications. The front plastic bezel is divided into two portions. The upper portion features a swing out locking door that is useful for hiding beige coloured drives. The Dynax Server Tower Case features 5 x 5.25″ external drive bays and should be able to handle any configuration consisting of CD-ROM’s, hard drive coolers and racks.”

Prometeia Vapor Phase Change Cooling case review
XtremeSystems :: Thursday, October 24, 2002
The review was compiled over a 2 month period to evaluate not only the high performance cooling abilities but also the long term durability and 24/7 qualities of the unit.

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Make Your Own Mini-Fanbus and Control Device Power Extender
Virtual-Hideout :: Thursday, October 24, 2002

“Back when I started VH, Cliff A and Fanbus.Com was a big inspiration for me. His inventions, though simple, were sort of godsend for the modders out there. One in particular was the fanbus. It’s as simple as any device could be but yet the functionality of it could not be ignored. It provided a central position for the fan freaks to connect all that fans in their cases to a single point without the hassle of struggling with all those wirings and the multitude of connectors. That also inspired me to construct my very own unit, similar in design to Cliff’s, in which I outlined in a guide I wrote here. Just for your info, Cliff has finally decided to “close shop” a few months ago. I wish him all the best in his future undertakings! As time passes by, the design of the Fanbus changed. One in particular is the MicroBus, pioneered by PCMods.Com. It has the same basic functions to the original fanbus but they drastically shrunked the size. With the reduction in size, the new Microbus can now go virtually anywhere in your case, out-of-sight.”

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FannerTech Speeze/Spire heatsink cooler review
myWORLD :: Thursday, October 24, 2002

“When we last saw Eagle Stream by FannerTech, the cooler performed quite well. I do have nothing to complain about the cooler at all but I do want to admit that the Eagle Stream it’s a bit tad noisy. Looking back at our some previous quiet rated HSF reviews, WhisperRock II ran quietly but performed poorly and Zalman CNPS 6000, it performed very well and very quiet indeed but consumed a lot of space yet heavy…”

MSI 648 MAX Motherboard Review
Hexus :: Thursday, October 24, 2002
If you’re happy running your processor at default speeds, and want a motherboard that’s fast, stable, and cheap without sacrificing stability or true value-adding extras, the MSI 648 MAX would be a good choice. I’ve already seen it for pre-order for £86. I, however, want it all in a motherboard but what’s important is that the MSI 648 MAX delivers to its intended audience.

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8Dimensional just created a new review collection
8Dimensional :: Thursday, October 24, 2002
In our ATi Radeon 9700 Review List we try to collect all links to such video card reviews online, at the moment there are more then 80 listed.

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TwinMOS PC3200 256MB DDR Memory Review
Hexus :: Friday, October 18, 2002
The TwinMOS PC3200 256MB DDR Memory Module exceeded its specification and achieved a maximum bus speed of 207 Mhz at its rated timings, and still managed to do 212Mhz at more relaxed timings. The Corsair XMS3200 outperformed it by a noticeable margin, but to be fair, the Corsair RAM is considerably more expensive and is rated for better memory timings. The TwinMOS PC3200 performed very well in the tests, even at its default timings. It’s a pity it couldn’t manage 200 Mhz bus full timings like the Corsair XMS3200, but still it’s leaps and bounds over what you would be able to push the bus to with PC2100 or even high quality PC2700, and to be fair it is a lot cheaper.

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Enermax 305B Pre-Modded Black Case Review
3dXtreme :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“The window boasts the biggest mod to the case. One of the great things about this case is that it comes ready to use. The window is already mounted onto the side wall of the case. At the center of the window is a blow hole that comes with a translucent blue 80mm fan already mounted on it.”

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SystemCooling reports of some new products hitting the market soon
SystemCooling :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“A few new products are about to, or have recently hit the marketplace that should be of interest to a board array of our readers, and a few have long been hoped for! …Designed for Extreme Overclockers who shun liquid cooling, are not concerned about noise level, but still want everything they can squeeze out of their CPU’s, Swiftech has heard your prayers!”

Prolink PixelView GeForce4 MX440-8X Videocard Review
Frosty Tech :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“Considering the number of times I’ve heard it, AGP 8X is certainly the new catch phrase when it comes to motherboards and videocards these days. Since SiS and ATI both enjoy the 8X AGP spotlight it would be a little naive to expect Nvidia to sit back and stay out of the party. Nope, Nvidia went back to the drawing board and tweaked both the NV17 (GeForce4 MX) and NV25 (GeForce4 Ti) GPU’s to enable 8X AGP compatibility. Today we will be reviewing the Prolink PixelView GeForce4 MX440-8X; the videocard uses the new tweaked NV18 (MX440, 8X AGP compatible) GPU, and is backed up by 128MB of TSOP-II 3.6ns Samsung DRAM.”

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4 LED fan and Tricolor RGB Cold Cathode review
OCIA :: Friday, October 18, 2002

“I must admit I was skeptical of the effect but once I placed it inside the box I was impressed and my son came running into the room and asked if that was for his box. I said go away kid, Christmas is 3 months away and your birthday already passed but his persistence paid off. So we placed it in his Lian Li and took some pics. Nice!”

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Antec Trueblue 480W Power Supply review
Monkey Review :: Friday, October 18, 2002

All in all, this power supply couldn’t produce a single flaw during testing. The great new technologies and the sweet looking LED’s add a lot to a generally bland PC part. Performance is way up there and the price isn’t too bad compared to the value you’re getting for your buck. I am giving this guy a perfect score and our editor’s choice award. If you’re looking for performance and a good looking power supply, I strongly suggest any of the Antec TrueBlue power supplies

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GideonTech has another guide up, this time on putting some cheap
GideonTech :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“…went online to take a look at a company’s product, which is a slippery tape that you put where those little pads used to be, but it was 20 dollars with shipping, which I felt was really high. So I started looking around at what I had around the house. After remembering that I had a roll of aluminum tape, used for air conditioning duct’s, I thought that might be the ticket.”

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Lux-Design Rheobus V.3 are now available
Lux Design :: Friday, October 18, 2002

  • Ability to handle very large fans
  • Ability to handle multiple fans
  • Rated for fans up to 20 watts per switch
  • Ultra Bright Blue LEDs Standard
  • Extra large heatsinks
  • Cast Aluminum knobs
  • 90 day warranty (exceeding watts per switch will void your warranty)
  • Printed Circuit board eliminates wiring mess
  • Drill Template ensures proper installation
  • Unit comes with a molex splitter, and “adds its own connection” in your case


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BenQ FP567 15″ LCD Monitor review
OCIA :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“On December 5, 2001 Acer Communications and Multimedia announced a change in name and global brand identity. The new brand is BenQ, and operates independently of Acer. BenQ has an annual output of over 3 million monitors which ranks them among the top 5 computer display manufacturers. Their LCD and CRT monitor products range from 14″ to 21″ (Various Viewable’s). Now you know that BenQ is not some new kid on the block.”

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Short-Media :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“Now who wouldn’t want a front temperature display? This is the centerpiece of the Platinum XP. has placed the Platinum XP PC case in Icrontic’s hands to put it on the reviewer’s hotbed to see if it stays cool.”

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JMC 400094 Socket 478 Heatsink Review
Frosty Tech :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“Remember the days of the original Thermaltake Orb? Well this new heatsink from Austin based JMC Products is sure to give you flash backs. The two heatsinks may appear similar at first glance, but underneath it all the are some big differences. JMC mainly supply OEM’s with heatsinks, so it shouldn’t be much of a shock when you hear that the volume dependent per-unit price of this cooler is just $6-7USD. The ultimate destination for the JMC 400094 SkyJet 60 is desktop servers, but we’ll have to wait till after we look at the thermal test results before we offer our own opinion.”

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Crystalfontz LCD Display Kit Model 632 Video Review
3dgameman :: Friday, October 18, 2002
“The Crystalfontz LCD Display Kit Model 632 offers clear contrast, fast response, very easy to setup and connects to a standard serial port. Also, this unit offers a unique feature called Scrolling Marquee which scrolls a message across the display. Watch the Video to find out more…”

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