Tech News November 2010

Sandy Bridge and P67 Prices Revealed
Overclock 3d :: Tuesday, November 30, 2010
In case my fellow British readers haven’t noticed, its woefully cold outside. The last fortnight has seen temperatures plummet into single and negative figures, which is only made worse by wind chill and regular doses of rain. As I glance through the office window today, I see tufts of snow floating to the ground and One Canada Square firmly in the clouds. Yes, its dark, cold and murky outside but the change in climate can only mean one thing; its Christmas time.

While the general public swarm Oxford Street in hoardes in an attempt to buy their loved ones Christmas gifts, the more “technically influenced” individuals will be comfortably sat behind their computers in a 20*c+ room ordering the same online. So what exactly do you want for Christmas? A shiney new 3D TV? A Macbook Air? Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your own Desktop?

Those who are hoping to overhaul their computers this Christmas will have a tough decision to make; do I, or do I not wait for Sandy Bridge?

Win a Thermaltake BlacX 5G Drive Dock
Big Bruin :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
Are you ready for some football? The Pro Football Pick ‘Em contest for NFL week nine has a new Thermaltake BlacX 5G USB 3.0 hard drive docking station up for grabs.

Otterbox Samsung Captivate Impact Series Case
Test Freaks :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
You spend a lot of money on a phone, but you need to spend more money on a case and screen protector if you want to protect your investment. When you go to make your purchase though you’re going to want something that is from a company that is well known for making quality products like Otterbox. The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is my new phone, my new favorite phone actually and I’ve recently received the new Impact Series case from Otterbox that offers a good deal of protection from minor bumps or drops. Included with the case is a screen protector as well, so the Impact offers good all-around protection for your Captivate, which is something I know I want.

Sonos Wireless Dock
Test Freaks :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
Sonos the maker of the highly acclaimed wireless multi-room music system have just released their first iPod/iPhone dock. What differentiates it from other docks is that it integrates with the Sonos system. It wirelessly transmits music from iPods, iPod Touches, and iPhone’s to a Sonos ZonePlayer allowing playback through one’s home stereo or Sonos speakers.

With the Sonos Wireless Dock integration of Apple devices into the Sonos ecosystem becomes seamless. Recently Apple showcased their version of wireless music streaming dubbed Airplay;the question remains whether the Apple version will as simple to use as the Sonos model or will it be more complicated and lead to user frustration.

From experience I know how simple and intuitive the Sonos system functions. I have been using the Sonos set up for over two years now and have not had one issue during that time. That is the beauty of Sonos; it is truly plug-and-play or as Steve Jobs would say “it just works”.

In addition the Sonos Wireless Dock quickly charges both iPods and iPhones with its built in 1 Amp charger.

Sonos Wireless Dock comes packaged in a white cardboard box with an image an iPod Touch housed in the dock on the front. The back displays a list of compatible Apple devices in seven different languages. We see the made for iPod/iPhone labeling which means the Sonos Wireless Dock is an Apple approved accessory.

DryDoc Digi 1 Waterproof Protective Cell Phone Case
iGadget Life :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
By storing each gadget in a DryDocs case you can ensure that sand, snow and water are kept away from sensitive electronic circuits. DryDocs cases are designed to allow you to continue to use your devices while keeping them safe and protected. Several cases feature handles for easy gripping and have safety lanyards so you can attach your gear to your backpack, coat or belt loop for safekeeping. DryDocs cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit all electronic devices. Built with a thick, eco-friendly PVC-Free film, DryDocs are puncture and slash proof. A positive-snap Ziploc® type closure also makes them easy to use.

WD TV Live Hub Media Player w/ 1TB of Internal Storage Review 
Legit Reviews :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
Western Digital has released an all new media player called the WD TV Live Hub. This new media player is based on previous hardware designed around the 500Mhz Sigma 8654 SoC which gives it the ability to play High Definition MKVs, ISO, AVI files and much more. The WD TV Live Hub has a1TB, 2.5-inch Internal Hard Drive to go along with an all-new graphics user interface. Priced at $199 it is one of the most expensive media players we have reviewed lately, but none of the set-top players come with a built in hard drive.

The Western Digital TV Live Hub is designed to not only play multimedia that you have in your collection but it is designed to play media that you that is on the internet as well. The Live Hub has the ability to play content from Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, MediaFly, and It can even grab you local weather for your favorite city.

Apple TV Wireless HD Media Streamer Review
Hot Hardware :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
In early September, Steve Jobs took to the stage and unveiled the new-and-improved Apple TV. What was once considered a “hobby” device was reworked, streamlined, made more affordable, and aimed squarely at the masses. It enters an increasingly crowded market of devices that offer near-instant access to libraries of recent movies and TV shows, as well other online streaming media content from the likes of Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr. Not to mention the ability to also stream media you already own—videos, music, and photos—from your computer to your TV and audio system.

The Apple TV comes with a consumer-friendly price tag of $99, which is sure to give the likes of Roku, WD TV HD Media Player, and Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player devices a run for their money. You can even add the myriad of Google TV devices we’re sure to see coming to market in the coming months to the growing list of devices that are vying for the precious HDMI connections on the back of our HDTVs…

Win 50 tickets to a sneak peak of Tron 
t-break :: Thursday, November 04, 2010
Thanks to Pluto Games, we have tickets to the sneak peak of the movie and game.