Tech News January 2003

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Shuttle S.F.F XPC SK41G Review
Hexus :: Friday, January 31, 2003

“Considered in absolute isolation, the SK41G is a fine machine. It uses the base mould from the popular Intel shuttles to good effect. We see almost every feature carried over intact. The main difference, though, is probably beneficial. The inclusion of a S-Video-Out is arguably more useful than the S/PDIF-In featured on the two Intel XPCs that I’ve seen before. It all works well. The cooler is designed well and is relatively easy to mount. Further, the on-board video’s 2D is pretty good for the most part.”

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ZXMods Sale!
ZX Mods :: Friday, January 31, 2003
ZXMods is having a one month 15% discount on ALL Zantec series window kits. If the sale looks promising, prices may be lowered permanently! Head on over and check them out there are a lot to choose from click the picture below to go right there!

New Xoxide rewards
Tech ARP :: Friday, January 31, 2003
Welcome to XoxideRewards!
XoxideRewards is a program designed to reward our customers for their purchases and involvement in the Xoxide community. Being a part of XoxideRewards has many benefits for you as a customer.

How do I earn X-Points?
With XoxideRewards you can earn X-Points in several ways. The easiest way is purchases made at Purchases under $50 receive 2 X-Points, $50-$150 receive 6 X-Points and purchases over $150 receive 20 X-Points.

What else can I do to get X-Points?
Customers who are involved in the Xoxide commmunity can also earn X-Points through posting on Xoxide Forums, Referring orders and rating us on ResellerRatings. Making 100 posts on Xoxide Forums (posts made after signing up for XoxideRewards) will get you 4 X-Points. Referring an order of $50 or more will give you 10 X-Points. Rating on ResellerRatings will get you 3 X-Points. If you have participated in the Xoxide community by making forums posts or Reseller Ratings, please email and the X-Points will be added to your account.

We will also occasionally offer X-Points as an award in a contest or as a gift for helping out with web site tasks such as designing new graphics or writing product descriptions. When these opportunities are made available we will post information on and also on to keep you up to date.

What good are these X-Points anyway?
X-Points are able to be redeemed for gift certificates. Get 25 X-Points and you can redeem them for a $25 gift certificate. If you save your X-Points until you have 45, you can redeem them for a $50 gift certificate. Also, we will periodically add special offers to such as Xoxide products that can be bought at a special low price with X-Points.