Tech News February 2008

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ATI/AMD’s Open-Source Plans
Phoronix :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“Starting off the X.Org talks at FOSDEM 2008 was AMD’s John Bridgman, who has been leading the AMD GPG open-source efforts. John had talked briefly about the history of their open-source efforts for the R500+ series and the evolution of AMD GPU hardware. Among the interesting comments made were that TexturedVideo/X-Video support for the R500/600 may be coming quite soon, DRM and Mesa work forthcoming, open-source multi-GPU CrossFire support is on the road-map, and they will be re-releasing R200 programming documents. The RV620 and RV635 documentation is expected in the near future.”

G.SKILL DDR2 PC2 8500 (8 Layers PCB) Memory Review
RB Mods :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
Today we take a look at a DDR2 kit from Gskill. We got their new 8500 kit that seems to perform quite well according to some other reviews I have seen. We are going to compare this vs our previous DDR2 kits that have performed the best. We are also going to try to boost this kit a bit to see how it performs under heavy overclocking.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Case
Overclock 3d :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“We take a look at Cooler Master’s all-aluminium (well nearly) Cosmos S case”

Hard Drive Performance Comparison Guide
Tech ARP :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“WinBench 99 2.0 has proven that it can still serve as a consistent and reliable hard drive benchmark even in Windows Vista. It has given us a lot of interesting data. If the Business and High-End simulations were not good enough, the raw transfer rate results were certainly most useful. From the transfer rate results, you can see which hard drive has a higher transfer rate, and how areal density affects that performance metric. It also shot down the perception that a newer model is always faster.”

Coolink GFXChilla VGA Cooler Review
Hardware Canucks :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
Spearheading this push into North America is Coolink’s new graphics card heatsink; the aptly-named GFXChilla. This cooler represents Coolink’s first graphics card heatsink and with it they are aiming straight at some of the most popular graphics cards on the market: the 8800GT and HD3870. Even with compatibility for these two best-selling cards, the GFXChilla also boasts compatibility for nearly every other graphics card made within the last few years including the Nvidia 7×00-series, 6×00-series as well as ATI’s X1800 and X1900 series. This broad compatibility coupled with the fact that Coolink advertises this as a silent, dual-slot cooling solution should make the GFXChilla a very popular choice among consumers.

Lian Li PC-A17 Midtower Chassis Review
OCIA :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
Lian Li is a name synonymous with quality in the case market. Almost every year, they release new chassis, all improvements upon the last in their line. Naturally, when LanCool PC (a subsidiary of Lian Li) said that they wanted to send over a Lian Li case, I was pretty excited to check it out. Today’s review sample, the PC-A17, may have a familiar sounding name: it’s the next generation PC-A16 case, and they’re about as similar as their names are.”

Are AMD Digging Their Own Grave?
Tweak Town :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“We’re all still waiting on an official supporting Crossfire X driver from AMD (said to come in next month’s Catalyst 8.3 drivers) which will allow a couple of HD 3870 X2s to be paired up.

AMD are going to run into a problem when they release the HD 3870 X2 driver. That problem is that the hype is going to be gone on the card and everyone will be waiting for the 9800 series of cards from NVIDIA.”

Importance Of Using E-Mail Whitelists
PC Mech :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“Many people out there know what e-mail blacklisting is but may not necessarily be familiar with whitelisting. In basic terms, to blacklist means “don’t accept” and whitelist “accept” when speaking of e-mail. You could also say it as “block” and “not block” and it would mean the same thing more or less.”

FSP Everest 1010W Review 
XS Reviews :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“As the need for PC juice increases, so does the size of the PSUs providing the needed power. Fortunately, there are a few companies who aren’t willing to extend the chassis of their power providers, and instead stick faithfully to the compact size that we’ve come to expect.

Once such company is FSP who have created the Everest PSU which is capable of sending (just) over 1000W of energy to your ever-hungry components. It features a modular design alongside 4 PCI-e connectors and comes in shiny blue. What else could you need? Read on to find out.”

CE-Secure Vault Edition Review
Techware Labs :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“CE-Secure Vault Edition is a software released by CMS Products and is aimed at assisting users with securing files and information. With the urgent rise in the need for security software CE-Secure Vault Edition is an easy to use software that does what its meant to do. See why we feel this software is an excellent value.”

ASUS P5K64 WS Intel P35 DDR3 Motherboard Review
Think Computers :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“It’s not something that we in the enthusiast world really think about, but there is a market out there for high-end computers that will probably never do any gaming, be overclocked, water cooled, or any other of the cool stuff that geeks do with their rigs. For example, a design engineer might desire a CAD workstation using multiple large screens…as many as six or eight…at high resolution. Anyone designing animation would like such a rig. So, what does someone desiring to build a modern upper-end graphics workstation do? Asus has an answer with the P5K64 WS, a workstation motherboard based on the very successful Intel P35 chipset. Today we will be looking at the P5K64 WS, to see if it has anything that would hold the interest of the enthusiast. Can it satisfy the geek? Read ahead to see.”

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Box Edition Review
Overclockers Club :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“The AMD Phenom 9600 Black Box Edition is definitely not a processor that does well when overclocked. From BSODs to BIOS corruption when trying to overclock, you might be missing some hair since you’ll be pulling it out wondering what you are doing wrong. Out of the box I would say it performs the way it is suppose to; I did not have any problems running mybenchmarks and all applications ran quite smoothly.”

Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3
Tweak Town :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“Linux on Sony hardware has been done before, but not to any great success. Some of you may remember that the PS2 could run a strange version of the open source OS with a bought package that gave you a 40GB HDD, a keyboard and a mouse. However, it did not allow for any functionality of the DVD-ROM because Sony thought you might start using your PS2 to rip off all their games.

There was a lot of noise in the beginning of the PS3’s marketing-hype-launch that the console would have Linux pre-loaded, but Sony came to their senses when they realized how much more work that was going to be for them. So we are left to figure this one out for ourselves.”

Scythe Ninja Copper CPU Cooler Review
Hardware Logic :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“While the CPU Cooler trend of “Bigger is Better” has been debunked by such puny newcomers as the OCZ Vendetta, Scythe carries on it’s tradition of mammoth sized coolers with the all copper release of it’s popular Ninja line. Featuring an (almost) all copper construction and a breadth to challenge a sumo wrestler, can the Ninja’s girth let it push it’s way to the top or does the effective new HDT technology mean it’s time for a diet? HardwareLogic’s got the score to see who wins in the Cooler Battle of the Bulk.”

Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4
Bjorn 3d :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Currently, the high-end motherboards are fairly similar her in terms of performance and features. Unlike old motherboards where they differ from each other in terms of overclockability, amount of ports, bundles, and features. Current motherboards seem to be performing so close to each other that often motherboards with same chipsets will have performance less than 5% from each other. In order to differentiate themselves among other boards, motherboard manufactures are starting implement different approaches. Asus is probably the most ambitious with their motherboard bundle and avant-garde chipset cooling and designs. MSI, on the other hand, tries to stands out by incorporate Audigy onboard audio. Gigabyte is doing something slightly different than either Asus or MSI. They have decided to produce greener motherboard with their latest DES motherboard family. In fact, Gigabyte is commented to the “greener” products as many of their current line-up of products (graphic cards and motherboards) are designed to reduce power consumption.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Full Tower Case Review
Big Bruin :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Cooler Master really included many new features that I would expect to become a standard with high end computer cases, like the very cool touch sensor that replaced the standard power button. When building a high end computer system many user’s focus on the internal components and not on the case, but with the Cosmos S arriving in March, the case should become a high priority.

Bgears b-Envi Micro Case
Modders Inc :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Bgears has burst onto the case modder/enthusiast scene with some pretty innovative products. With the new b-Envi Small Form Factor (SFF) case, Bgears tosses its hat into the ring and wants to spar with the other manufacturers in a crowded case market for the SFF crowd. Does this case have what it takes to make your friends b-Envious? I think you will find this to be a special case in many ways, so… step on through and learn about one of the best kept secrets in town!

Gigabyte VPower Review
XS Reviews :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“Having proved themselves as commendable GPU cooler manufacturers with their Cyclops, Gigabyte were keen for us to test their slightly higher end model, the V-Power. With a wider compatibility and 4 heatpipes more than the Cyclops’ 0, let’s see how it adds up.”

Noctua NF-S12 Fan Review 
ASE Labs :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
” While most people reading ASE Labs as well as other enthusiast publications are very concerned with heat, there is another niche that is concerned with sound. Selecting a fan to provide adequate cooling that is quiet is really a shot in the dark. The fan rating may say one thing, but in practice it means something completely different. Noctua steps forward to provide a fan that satisfy the cool and quiet needs of enthusiasts. ”

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800
Driver Heaven :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Today we are reviewing the Accelero Xtreme 8800 and it has a tough test ahead of it, can it match or exceed the Thermalright HR-03 Plus?

AeroCool DoublePower VGA Cooler Review
Club OC :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
With the increased power of the modern performance video card comes the need for more power and the creation of more heat. While we cant do much to bring down the power needs of these monsters companies like AeroCool are working hard to bring down the heat. Today we will be looking at the AeroCool DoublePower VGA cooler. With not one, but two heatsinks is this cooler worth an upgrade?

Glacial Power 550W PSU 
GideonTech :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“Glacialpower was kind enough to send over their 550W power supply, the GP-PS550BP. With an intelligent and silent design, it should provide great performance with some peace and quiet. I’ll crack open the PSU to take a look inside as well to see what it’s made of. With 550 Watts of power, it can power just about any mid-range PC you can piece together and possibly more.”

Dell XPS 630
Hot Hardware :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Dell just took the wraps off their latest XPS desktop system for gamers and enthusiasts today and this time around the new systems are targeted at being more affordable. The new XPS 630 we’ve reviewed at HotHardware, is Dell’s new customizable machine with support for NVIDIA dual-GPU SLI graphics , the latest dual and quad-core Intel processors, and a slick chassis design that will turn heads at the LAN party. Click the link below and check it out…

Thermaltake BigWater 760i Liquid Cooling System Review
Virtual Hideout :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“Overall, the Thermaltake 760i BigWater Liquid Cooling System is one efficient compact liquid cooling system. Not only does it integrate nicely in to your chassis, it’ll also compliment most any system you want to assemble. Thermaltake took the time to preassemble some things and make the installation process much simpler. All these factors have made it a very easy system to use and should be simple enough for any and every user wanting to make a change in the way the CPU is cooled.”

Noctua introduces NH-U9B CPU cooler
Noctua :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seasonic S12 Energy Plus 650 Watt Power Supply Review
Mikhailtech :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
The Seasonic S12 Energy + 650 watt has incorporates a “dual magnetic amplifier” circuit to achieve a maximum ripple on the +12V line of only 3%. This works out to only a 0.36mV ripple, which, compared to max ATX spec of 120mV is very palatable. For you non math gurus out there, the Seasonic unit produce a max ripple on the +12V line one third less than the max allowed by the ATX spec. Very impressive!

Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025
Benchmark Reviews :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Solid State Drives are not for everyone. Similar to the evolution towards DDR3 system memory, a gradual replacement of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by the Solid State Drive (SDD) is going to move very slow. The cost of purchase for SSD’s is the primary cause, since most drives cost more than an entire computer system. Other factors include the restricted bandwidth available to flash-based SSD’s. But what if the price was within reach? What if the data throughput was comparable? This is where Benchmark Reviews comes in to answer the tough questions, as we test the Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025.

OCZ PC2-8000 4GB Platinum Edition Dual Channel Memory Review
OCIA :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“The team at OCZ are among those manufacturers. The past couple of months have seen OCZ release several new DDR2 memory kits, this one, which is a 4 gig version of their popular PC2-8000 5-5-5 Platinum Edition. Will we get the performance from this Platinum Edition memory that we have come to expect from OCZ?”

Cooler Master COSMOS S Review
Techgage :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
In the world of computer cases, it seems that far too many do not stand out from the crowd. Cooler Master has decided to break tradition and create something special. With many features not seen before and full eATX compatibility, how well does the Cosmos S stand out?