Talisman Digital Edition Frostmarch Expansion

Talisman Digital Edition - Frostmarch Expansion

The second expansion pack for Talisman: Digital Edition offers players 4 new characters, 84 Adventure Cards, 20 Spell Cards 24 Warlock Quest Cards, and 3 Alternative Ending Cards – including a final climactic battle with the Ice Queen! The new characters are: Leprechaun, Ogre Chieftain, Warlock and Necromancer. Talisman owners may purchase The Frostmarch expansion via the game’s ‘My Collection’ screen. It’s an easy and affordable way to access the rich and detailed world of Talisman, and players have the choice of AI or real opponents.
‘For over thirty years, expansion packs have added incredible depth and variety to Talisman, and Nomad Games is set to liberate all that gameplay in a fraction of the time onto mobile devices. Players choose their favorite cards, characters and more with just a few button clicks, and then play against other Talisman fans wherever, and whenever they like. Bringing mobility and a new level of accessibility to big board games like Talisman is what Nomad Games is all about’ said company Co-Founder, Don Whiteford.

About Talisman
Talisman, the magical quest game is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by fantasy fans for nearly 30 years. As one of many characters, including warriors, rogues and magicians, the player embarks on a perilous adventure to find and claim the Crown of Command, a magical artefact with the power to destroy any rival and make the bearer the ruler of the kingdom. It’s a game of skill and strategy combined with the luck of dice and cards.

About Nomad Games
The studio was formed in 2011 by a small team of veteran developers who are passionate about Talisman and have dedicated themselves to self-funded development of the title. First the team worked hard to secure a license with Games Workshop, developing an early iPad version that clinched the deal. Now based in the sleepy Talisman-like village of Lymm in Cheshire, the Nomads are already working on future Talisman expansions.