Tales of Pirates II: Pirates Fight the Navy for the Goddess’s Favor

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Polarity is everywhere. Good must combat evil, and white can only be fully appreciated against the darkness of black. In Tales of Pirates (http://top2.igg.com), where everything is subject to the rule of the ethereal Goddess, two opposing factions are locked in an eternal struggle as they fight for the Goddess’s favor. Players can choose between the Pirate and Navy factions when creating a guild or joining an existing one, thus lending their might to one side or the other.

When players reach Level 40, they can start their own guild. However, creating a guild is not to be taken lightly. Besides having sufficient financial recources in the game, a character who aspires to be a guild leader must have the Stone of Oath that signifies their determination to develop a powerful guild. Those who would like to helm a Navy Guild can set a course for Thundoria Castle and speak with Navy Commander Dessaro. Those who prefer swashbuckling with a tankard of rum in hand should chat with Icicle Royal Mas in Icicle Castle to start a Pirate Guild.

If players feel they are not yet ready to take on such an important leadership role, they can always apply to join existing guilds. When considering a guild, make sure you are ready to swear allegiance to the faction to which it belongs. If it’s a Navy’s life you want, find your way to Argent City and obtain an application form from Navy Recruitment Rachel, then look for Navy Informer Dalongdan to choose a guild. If you wish to be a pirate, Pirate Informer Gewas will help you apply to a suitable guild.

No matter what faction you decide to serve, rest assured that many new adventures await to test you and your fellow guild members. Your bravery and prowess in battle will help determine who the Goddess smiles upon, so choose your allies wisely!

About Tales of Pirates II
Tales of Pirates II is a new adventure game set in the age of the Vikings. It’s a time of great discoveries and also great brutality. Roam the vast oceans of northern Europe and engage in intense battles, using technological superiority and magical powers to determine who will claim mastery over the seas.

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