Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God Review


The story continues with Guybrush Threepwood waking to find that he is covered in dirt.  At first he is sure that he has been buried alive again only to soon realize that this time he is really dead.  So now he is stuck in the afterlife with only a thread of life in his pocket and a handful of grave dirt.  The puzzles begin immediately upon discovery of his death as he has to find a way to get passage into the crossroads of the afterlife.  Since Guybrush was buried without the traditional coins placed on his eyes to give to the boat keeper.  After a little trickery and making change in a Grog machine, Guybrush finally makes his way to the crossroads to find a dead man selling spirit photos.

The man lies a lot, but seems to have information on how Guybrush’s nemesis, LeChuck, got back to the “land of the not dead” using a powerful voodoo spell that is hidden on the island somewhere in a treasure chest.  You would think that since there are only so many places to visit in the crossroads (one of them being a place solely created for treasure-hunting) that it would be easy to find the voodoo spell.  Not so, and sometimes it can get downright frustrating trying to solve some of these puzzles.

For instance, on the Isle of Sword fighting, Guybrush finds his pirate hunting friend Morgan LeFlay sitting beside a headless ghost who always wants to swordfight.  Morgan appears very down and out, however, and the only way to convince her to help is to make her regain her self-confidence while at the same time insulting the headless sword fighter.  Choosing the right thing to say to get a rise out of both of them at the same time is tricky, and it took me several tries to get it right.

The goal here is to get back to the land of the living and bring vengeance to LeChuck once and for all.  The games are tricky, the puzzles are hard, and the characters can be intolerable and annoying, but the final episode of Tales of Monkey Island is lots of fun.  While the dialog can seem kind of limited sometimes, it does not hold back the playability of the game as a whole.  I enjoyed it immensely and am sure you other Monkey Island fans will as well.  Add this one to your Christmas list whether you are a fan or not.  You won’t be disappointed.

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