Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 Walkthrough


Tales of monkey: Tales of monkey island walkthrough – Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island brings the adventures of pirate Guybrush Threepwood into a new era with an explosive storyline that becomes deeper and more entangled during the course of the five-episode saga. While battling his nemesis, the evil pirate LeChuck, Guybrush accidentally unleashes an insidious voodoo pox that threatens to transform the buccaneers of the Caribbean into unruly pirate monsters. Players will experience the humor, romance, and swashbuckling action the Monkey Island games are famous for and unravel an insidious plot which is revealed across the course of the series.

Here is the Tales of monkey island walkthrough :

The demise of LeChuck. Again.
Walk to mast.
Pick up voodoo recipe.
Walk up the stairs.
Pick up monkey coffin.
Examine monkey coffin in inventory.
Use breath mints with root beer.
Use root beer with cutlass.
Talk to Elaine (”Throw me the rope!”)
Use breath mints with barrel of lite grog.
Use cutlass with Chuck the Plant (it is on the back of the ship).
Use roots with barrel of grog.
Use cutlass with barrel of grog.
Use cutlass with LeChuck.
Well, don’t say you didn’t expect THAT. Welcome to Flotsam.
Talk to the journalist.

TASK 1: the bar brawl

Go to the docks (through the city to the left).
Examine sock on the clothesline.
Go back, talk to the glassblower until you get a U Tube.
Go to Club 41, open door.

Task 2: the treasure

Pick up broken grogatini glass (in front of the journalist).
Go to jungle entrance.
Go left.
Talk to Portly Pirate until he gives you a map.
Use the “Look, it’s Dark Ninja Dave!” phrase.
Pick up one of the pink dolls from the pile.
Use grogatini sword with action figure.
Get back to the city (Beach).
Use action figure with sword in vat.
Get back to the jungle, go left, go up.
Use map with wishing well (this is how you start “following the map” puzzle, got stuck here for a moment).
You need to follow the route that matches the sounds printed on the map (if you can’t really tell if the sound is generic or not, it means it’s the bird). If you stay close to the exit and can’t hear anything, try walking away a bit and coming back. I tried this puzzle several times and the route was always identical, but I can’t promise that it will be for you. A hint: if you follow the proper route, you get a “positive” sound effect on each screen, if you mess up, Guybrush comments on that and the whole puzzle is reset. You need to start over from using the map on the well. My route was: right (boar), right (monkey), up (bees), down (monkey), down (boar), up (bees), left (bird).
On the first screen of the puzzle, pick up pile of bombs.
Put ninja action figure on X marks the spot.
Get back to Joaquin D’Oro (use the “return to jungle entrance button” and go left).
Give map to Joaquin D’Oro.

Task 3: the ship

Go back to docks.
Go to Screaming Narwhal, try to board it via the plank.
Try to board it via the anchor chain.
Use bomb with grease fire.
(timed:) Use lit bomb with frilly pink pants.
(timed:) Use clothesline (NOT the crank, mind you).

Deep Gut

Go to jungle entrance.
Go left, up, up, up. (as the new map shows).
Open door to the shack.
Say “deadline”.
After the dialog, click on the parrot skeleton.
Walk a bit to the left, pick up interesting bottle.
Pick up pyrite parrot.
Walk out.
Pick up weather vane.
Walk to docks.

The pox cloud

Talk to glassblower, ask him about unbreakable bottle.
Use chain to board the Screaming Narwhal.
Go to the deck.
Pick up cheese wheel.
Fire the cannon (this allows you to pick the bottle breaker, a little strange puzzle if you ask me).
Leave the ship.
Pick up unbreakable bottle breaker.
Go to the house to the right of Screaming Narwhal.
Pick up flower pot.
Knock on door.
After the dialog comes the REALLY fun part.

The (hopefully unsuccesfull) surgery

The chair can be turned to the right, to the back, to the front or to the left AND put in horizontal or vertical position – and it matters!
Right, horizontal – click on key.
Back, horizontal – click on cage. (monkey is free)
Left, horizontal – click on bell. (monkey changes picture to rat-machine)
Left, vertical – click on right pedal. (monkey goes to the rat-machine)
Left, vertical – click on left pedal. (monkey gets shocked and knocks down the picture)
Front, vertical – click on picture of Guybrush’s hand.
Left, horizontal – click on pictures.
Left, horizontal – click on bell. (monkey changes picture to skeleton hand)
Left, vertical – click on right pedal. (monkey goes to the skeleton with the key)
Left, vertical – click on left pedal. (monkey gets shocked and the key sticks to her tail)
Left, horizontal – click on bell. (monkey changes picture to pirate)
Left, vertical – click on right pedal. (monkey goes to Guybrush)

The evil doctor’s plot

Use unbreakable bottle breaker with unbreakable bottle.
Walk to the beach.
Talk to crusty pirate in front of the courthouse until he gives you the ancient crystal.
Use eye of the Manatee with ancient scroll.
While you’re here, use the cheese with jail carvings (under the cell windows).
Walk to jungle entrance.
Go up.
Now comes the second map puzzle, much more difficult than before. I can’t promise your route will be the same. The cloud on the map means you need to examine the weather vane in your inventory and follow the arrow. Unfortunately the camera turns a bit while examining the vane, so I was not entirely sure where to go. Anyways, here is my route:
Use Hemlock’s map with altar (the screen trembles, this starts the puzzle. As before, the “success” sound and Guybrush’s comments mark the proper route, if you screw up, you need to start from the beginning).
Go down (bees).
Go left (monkey).
Examine ancient weather vane.
Go up.
Use flowers with wishing well.
Examine ancient weather vane.
Go right.
Go left (bees, yes, right up the path you just came from).
Use ancient weather vane.
Go left.
Run around the calendar until it glows green and the ground trembles (that was kinda tricky).
Use ancient weather vane.
Go up.
Use unbreakable bottle breaker with crystal nose.
Pick up weird door face.
Use pyrite parrot with nasal cavity.
Walk to dock.
Approach Marquis’ house.
Use the “PROOF” phrase.

The wind whisperer

Use ancient tool with clamshell. (this opens up idols all over the island).
Use ancient weather vane with mysterious idol.
Click on mysterious idol.
Match faces on the weather vane and the idol.
Use ancient tool with clamshell when you are done. If the faces were matched correctly, the idol goes down and the cutscene kicks off.
Walk to the right (the map of the jungle appears).
Go to enigmatic idol.
Repeat steps from the previous idol.
When Guybrush makes comment about a missing nose, use flower pot with idol.
Finish matching, use ancient tool with clamshell.
After the cutscene go to the right.
Approach the strange idol, use ancient weather vane on it.
Use cheese on strange idol.
Finish matching.
Walk: right, right (you should be at the altar), right. If you get lost, make your way out of the jungle, enter it and go up, right.
Use the “King Louis” phrase.
(timed): Use U Tube with rifle.
Use messed up idol.
No way of putting the weather vane here, so you need to listen to the Marquis – if he makes a satisfactory (not a painful) sound, the part is in the right place. Yes, I was disturbed by this puzzle too.

The final showdown

Walk to the upper deck.
Use steering wheel.
(timed): Walk to the lower deck and fire the cannon (thus spilling the tar) before Winslow takes the wheel. You need to walk in front of the main mast, otherwise you will get stuck and have to repeat that puzzle.
Use map hanging on the quarter’s wall.
Talk to Winslow.

This is it! You just finished 1/5th of the new Monkey Island awesomeness! Any comments on the walkthrough are welcome. source

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