SVC Glacial Cooler 21 Heatsink Review


If you remember I did a review on another heatsink with almost the same name as this one, the SVC Glacial Cooler 68. Well this is the SCV Glacial Cooler 21, it is not designed to be an overclocking heatsink and only supports up to a 1800+ CPU. It is a very simple design, almost like that of a stock AMD heatsink, and is made of aluminum. Below are the specs of the entire unit.

Application : For Socket 370/462
Fan with Speed Sensor
Dimension : 60x60x25 mm
Electronical Characteristics
Rated Voltage : 12V DC
Operating Voltage : 10.20 – 13.80V DC
Air Flow : 27CFM
Static Pressure : 6.9mm (H2O)
Input Current : 0.21A (MAX)
Input Power : 2.5W
Speed : 5000RPM± 10%
Noise : 34dBa
Weight : 270g
Operating Temperature : -10C to +70C
Housing : UL94V-0 Glass Filled Polyester
Fan Blade : UL94V-0 Glass Filled Polyester
Bearing :  Ball Bearing
UL 1007 26AWG (Red+, Black-, Yellow)
Connector : Three Pins

The SVC Glacial Cooler 21 comes in a simple box, you get the heatsink, a fan which has a 3 pin connector, and some thermal compound which is better than a thermal pad.

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The SVC Glacial Cooler 21 is really wide as you can see, this may be an issue on whether it will fit on all motherboards. From the side view you can see that there are 17 fins which differ in size.

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I went ahead and took off the fan, there is a shroud on which the fan is mounted so that the air is directed down toward the fins. As the above table says the fan is a Young Lin which is 34dBa while pushing 27CFm and spinning at 5000RPM.

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The clip of the SVC Glacial Cooler 21 is very good it’s easy to clip onto the socket and requires no tools. I had no problem installing it onto my AOpen AK77 Pro(A)-133 However like I mentioned before it is very wide, I was not able to install it to a MSI KT7 Pro 2-A.

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Test Bed

The SVC Glacial Cooler 21 comes with thermal compound however like always I will be using Artic Silver 3 for testing, I will also be using an external Compunurse thermal probe for the temperature readings. After booting up the computer I let the CPU idle for about 30 minutes and took the readings from the Compunurse. After taking those results I used Prime95 to torture test the CPU and bring it to load. Here are the results.

Download Prime95 28.4

2 2606 downloads


As you can see from the results above, this heatsink works adequately well. Like I mentioned before it is not designed to be an overclocker’s heatsink, rather one that will keep a stock CPU at operational temperatures. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to do any overclocking, I was going to try overclocking the 950Mhz Thunderbird however after seeing the stock temperatures I did not want to chance anything.

If you want a low priced heatsink that will take care of your stock non-overclocked CPU this will do the job, however there are better ones on the market which I would recommend over this one such as the SVC Glacial Cooler 68 I would like to thank Case-Mod for sending me this heatsink to review head on over and check them out they just got in a lot of cool new products.


  • Easy to install
  • Good clip design
  • Does the job for stock cooling
  • Thermal compound included


  • Will not fit on all motherboards
  • Better solutions on the market
  • Not a good overclocker’s heatsink
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.