Survival Horror Simulator “The Forest”

Native Picks Up My Boy

Jet Crash Survivor

“The Forest” is a new game on Steam that’s currently in Early Access phase.  The game is touted as a survival horror simulator with crafting, defense, and first-person combat elements.  The version we played was an Alpha release, so bugs and visual anomalies are expected.

The game starts out without any dialogue.  You are a passenger on a jumbo jet, and you see a small child next to you asleep, presumably the character’s son.  You cannot get up and move around, but shortly after taking in the scenery does the plane has trouble, and you look in horror as the front of the plane is ripped off, revealing an open front area, which lets you see your quick descent into the wilderness below.

In Plane Native Picks Up My Boy
I'm Covered In Blood Native Leaving with My Boy

When you wake up, you see some sort of native covered in white paint or clay pick up the small male child and walk away from the wreckage.  This is when you are given control of the player.

Starting Out

You start out hungry and tired, which are game-play elements that you will be constantly fighting throughout the game.  Much of what you need immediately can be picked up in what’s left of the airplane cabin: airplane meals, medication, and alcohol (for crafting) which are picked up by focusing your mouse over it and pressing the “E” key.

On the way out, you notice an airline emergency axe embedded in the chest of a flight attendant.  I stood there for a good few minutes tenaciously tapping the “E” key but I couldn’t retrieve the necessary tool.  As I walked over the body, my character automatically picked up this necessary weapon, which also helps gather resources needed to craft survival tools.

Axe in the Chest What's Left of the Plane

More resources can be gathered around the wreckage (which looks like was just gently placed in the scenery).  Suitcases are locked, but you can smash them open with your axe and get their precious loot.