Superbowl Commercials Sucked

Like many Americans, I watch the Superbowl just for the commercials, which promise to be comedy gold.  Every year I get more and more disappointed.

I recorded all of the commercials, which I hope to have posted today.  Of all the commercials, there were only two that made me even moderately chuckle, and only a few that would be considered “awesome”.

Every year companies have a rare opportunity to really push the envelope, and they fail misserably.  I mean, they’re paying MILLIONS of dollars (well maybe thousands this year due to the economy), so why not hire a PR firm that really knows what they’re doing?

I couldn’t believe that I actually saw some commercials that were recycled from last year (shame on you GE and your “ecolution”).

The 3d commercial thing was neat, the “Heroes playing football” was pretty awesome, and of course the Star Trek trailer was awesome.  The “box of flowers” commercial was pretty funny, too.

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