Sunbeam Rheobus Version 2 Review



This time around we’ll be checking out the new 4-fan Sunbeam Rheobus sent to us by our friends at Lux-Design. For those of you not familiar with fan-speed controllers, a rheobus is a device that you fit into a 5.25″ drive bay which has knobs and some way to connect your fans to it. You then can adjust the speed (and thus the volume) of the fans just by turning the knobs. This particular model is pretty sweet. Here are some of the specs:

  • Power: 20 watts
  • Anodized aluminum knobs
  • High quality rheostats
  • Extra large heatsinks
  • Printed circuit board reduce wiring mess
  • Drilling template ensures proper installation
  • Comprehensive instruction
  • Socketed Superbright LEDs; Bi-color: Blue & Red
  • Change color at 7 volts
  • Turn off LED
  • Drilled aluminum 5.25″ bay

The one I received was the black aluminum drive bay cover with the black buttons. There is also a brushed aluminum model available. Of course you could always mount the unit in your own 5.25″ drive bay, which is what I would recommend doing if you have a plain old beige case, or something that might not look so good with black or silver. Lets take a look at the box:

Click here for a larger image
Click here for a larger image

The box is adequate for the item. Everything is marked out well, and it has some flash to it to help it stand out from the crowd, so to speak.
As you can see, it also comes with full color directions so you don’t get all confused. The following is a list of the contents of the box:

  • The unit itself
  • Small bag of screws
  • Instruction guide
  • Molex extension cable

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image

The Molex extension cable is provided so that if you have a large case or if you wish to mount the unit somewhere besides the front drive bay. It also helps if you want to add more fans without disconnecting everything, as you can just pull the unit out the front of the case to work with it. The instructions are pretty short, but since this product is so simple there really isn’t any need for more in-depth directions. Here are some pictures of the unit itself, as you can see it looks really nice. The faceplate is made of anodized black aluminum, as are the knobs: