Summer Sports: Paradise Island Review


Summer fun in the sun

Sick of Wii Sports yet? If you love Wii Sports but have been playing it to death for the last year and a half, Summer Sports: Paradise Island is a welcome alternative. As its name suggests, SS: PI showcases seven new summer-themed games that all take place in a tropical setting. If you’re ready for summer to start and need a fun family or party game, Summer Sports: Paradise Island is a great game to add to your collection.

Title Summer Sports: Paradise Island
Publisher Destineer
Developer Digital Embryo
Release Date April 15th, 2008
Genre Sports
Platform Wii
Rating Everyone

The game begins when your character checks into the Paradise Island Resort. From there, you have seven different games to choose from. Summer Sports offers basketball, croquet, mini golf, volleyball, badminton, horse shoes, and lawn darts. The game offers single or multiplayer. Even if you have to play by yourself, your team mates and the players on the opposing team do a good enough job of keeping up so that you don’t feel like you are a loser: party of one.

The multiplayer is really where the action starts to heat up. Two players is fun, but four is a blast. Especially in the non turn- based games, like volleyball, the game can get out of control quickly. Just watch where you’re stickin’ your Wii mote otherwise there is a good chance your partner may get clocked in the jaw.

Some of the mini games are better than others. Sometimes while playing the distance games (croquet, mini golf, lawn darts, horse shoes) it can be hard to judge exactly how hard or fast to swing the Wii mote.

If you have any skill at Wii Sports, transitioning over to Summer Sports will be a piece of cake. The controls for the Wii mote are very intuitive and well done. On the whole, they seem to be much more accurate than the controls for Wii Sports. This improvement helps the game to be even more enjoyable, as lame control schemes seem to be what continually holds Wii games back from their true potential.

The game is really neat when it comes to graphics and level design. Instead of stupid Miis as your characters, you can choose and customize your character that actually looks like a real person. Complete with summer shorts and tank tops, you’ll begin to wonder why you thought a trip to Hawaii was really such a bad idea this summer. In addition, your characters can even taunt each other during gameplay!