STOP using the word "quasi"!!!!

Reading the news today, I was disappointed to read that we were having another “quasi-chilly” night. It is the fifth predicted “quasi-chilly” night in a row. What exactly is quasi-chilly? Kind of chilly? Half as chilly as the real meaning of chilly? What temperate is “chilly” assigned to? Is quasi-chilly 1/2 of that? WTF!?!?!

Quasi is used in everyday language too much. I feel like a thing is or is not what you describe it. Would you call my dog a “quasi border collie” because he’s not pure bred? Why not just say he’s a mix?

Is less pulp orange juice quasi pulpy? Just get it straight! Some thing cannot be quasi… like “this answer is quasi right”. No, it’s either right, wrong, or parts of it are correct. GAH!

I vote that we put a ban on the word quasi…..

Jeez I didn’t think that I had to justify for someone who has a degree in communications! Shouldn’t that mean they can communicate really well? I dunno. You know what else I hate? Fillers like:

-you know?
-I mean….
GAH! Just think before you speak!
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