The sequel to last year’s “Stick ‘Em Up” features the same run’n’gun/platforming blend of gameplay as it’s predecessor, but now with a completely revamped visual style that makes the levels look like hand-made paper and card collages.

The signature vehicles from the first game return, now with vastly improved physics and controls, and the arsenal of weapons has been expanded to fit the new level themes with swords, shurikens, and spears joining the traditional assault rifle and rocket launcher. 2-4 player co-op is still available, of course, as are VS and team VS deathmatch modes.

Stick ‘Em Up 2 is available now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games for the introductory price of 240 Microsoft Points ($3.00 / 2,79 € / £2.04). A significant content update including new levels is planned for later in the summer. The price will be increasing to 400 Microsoft Points, but players who buy at the current price will get the update for no additional cost.