Step into the Modern Age with a SIP Trunk

The world has changed significantly since the telephone and other telecommunications devices were actually invented. Everyone remembers that Alexander Graham Bell was the first to usher in this new ere of telecommunications, but where has it led? With it, businesses have found new and more efficient ways to communicate, work, and sell. That being the case, it is no surprise that the telephone has undergone numerous incarnations and modifications over the years, and now we are finally at a point where the old style of telephone line has become obsolete. We are still using telecommunications, of course, but there have been such changes that it is nearly unrecognizable. In the beginning, it was common for businesses to use a typical PBX system, otherwise known as a Private Branch Exchange, which was a fancy way of saying ‘We have our own switchboard’. This innovation allowed many businesses to operate independently from the phone company, only using outside lines when they needed to make an external call. Does anyone remember having to press ‘9’ to make an outside call? That is the magic of a Private Branch Exchange, but now, we are leaving it all behind in favor of an internet based solution. Sip trunking services from companies like BroadConnect USA are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Let’s discuss the concept of this solution and how it can help your business.

Understanding SIP Trunking

In business, of course, everything is an acronym, and SIP trunking is absolutely no exception. This is a Voice over Internet Protocol as well as a streaming media service, and it is based on the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP. Through this protocol, Internet telephony service providers are able to provide both telephone services and unified communications. This encompasses many different things, and sometimes it can be a bit difficult to understand.

The SIP Trunk is essentially a complete digital replacement for the traditional business line that you have been relying on for the past several years. Though you might have some trouble with the idea of replacing that which is tried and true, you can be absolutely sure that connecting your phone system to a trunk will deliver unparalleled results, and allow you to conduct your business in an all new way.

Lowering the Maintenance Cost

One of the greatest benefits of trunking is the way in which it will lower telephone charges using VoIP. In your office, you have a plethora of devices and services, all of which can be easily consolidated through the advent of trunking. Because all of your services are now run through a central ‘trunk’, there are many things that you will never need to worry about again. Maintenance costs are lowered, and communication is finally simpler than ever before.

A Solution to your Problems

With SIP, you will be able to address a number of problems that your organization is currently facing. One of these problems, of course, is efficiency, and yours is threatened by the simple fact that you have not unified all of your communications platforms. SIP solutions can be easily implemented throughout your entire organization, and as a SIP provider, we are more than ready to meet this challenge for you.  Now that you know we are willing to address your problem, what exactly is SIP? How does it work? Keep reading below and we will do our best to explain the concept to you.

Call Management with SIP

The first thing that you need to know about SIP is that it can seamlessly integrate many of the most popular CRM solutions and web-based applications out there. In other words, you will find that your team is now able to manage calls without that pesky application switching. What does that mean? It means increased efficiency for your company, and that’s all that matters.

Recovering from Disaster

As a business owner, you surely know that accidents happen. We understand that too, which is why all of your systems will be combined beneath a central hub capable of reducing network management costs. This configuration can combine multiple elements of the current telephone system along with a traditional PBX.

As far as disaster prevention is concerned, we both manage and maintain our networks. We can provide you access to your systems during an outage or other issue, which means your business will always stay up and running, regardless of the situation. Don’t be afraid of blackouts – they have nothing on you.

Your business needs trunking if it is going to survive, and we are just the company to provide it. Take a look at our existing operations and services that we can offer you. It’s time to unify your business once and for all.

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