SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse Review


A Mouse for MMO?

I think it’s pretty cool when a game designer hooks up with a hardware designer to create a device whose sole purpose is a single game.  Blizzard and SteelSeries have gotten together to create a mouse dedicated for MMORPGs, namely World of Warcraft.  But what could a simple mouse offer the hardcore WoW gamer?  Not a damned thing.  Good thing this is no ordinary mouse.  It’s a button-hoarding monster that holds nothing back when it comes to options.  It even has a useless flashing light inside.  Read on, my friends.  It only gets better…

Co-designed specifically for World of Warcraft® by Blizzard Entertainment and SteelSeries, the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is fully scalable to meet the requirements of even the most discerning World of Warcraft gamer and delivers:

  • Incredible customization with 15 programmable buttons, advanced macro creation, and 10 profiles each with unique illumination scheme
  • Superior performance, comfort and control for in-game dominance
  • An amazing experience for World of Warcraft gamers of all levels and play styles

Easy to use, drag and drop software allows you to:

  • Program all 15 buttons with over 130 preset game commands
  • Create custom macros (supports in-game macros)
  • Develop up to 10 profiles, each with a unique illumination scheme
  • Choose from 16 million colors, all with 4 levels of intensity and pulsation

Software Specifications

  • World of Warcraft® branded GUI
  • Assign World of Warcraft® commands
  • Develop custom macros (up to 160 characters)
  • Adjust DPI and standard mouse settings
  • Adjust illumination color, effects, and intensity
  • Independently adjust x and y-axis sensitivity
  • Real-time profile switching
  • Import and export profiles

Technical Specifications

  • Max. resolution: 3200 DPI
  • Max. acceleration: 20 g
  • Max. speed: 65 inches/second
  • Max. USB report rate: 1000 hz / 1ms
  • USB data format: 16-bit
  • USB interface: Full speed
  • Sleep mode: Disabled (Always On)

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista™, Windows® XP, or Windows® 2000
  • 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Available USB port