SteelSeries SP Mousepad Review


Welcome to my pad

If someone were to ask you “Who’s your favorite mousepad manufacturer?”, what would you say?  This list is rather short, and not many companies are known for their pads alone.  SteelSeries is one of those companies that many PC enthusiasts will mention, because they keep delivering innovative products to a category that many think of as mundane: mousepads.

Many polycarbonite or plastic mousepads are slick, and are dubbed “performance” pads because the mouse can slide all the way to Alberquerque with a single flick.  Other pads offer “control”, which usually means more friction between the pad and the mouse.  A good cloth mousepad, such as the SteelSeries QcK Heavy is a great example of a mat offering a high degree of control.  What about the user who wants a good degree of control AND high performance at the same time?

SteelSeries has developed a new mousing surface (mousepad if you will) called the SteelSeries SP Pro Gaming Surface.  This is a hard plastic mat which aims to please performance gamers and traditional office-jockeys.  The SP improves upon the SteelSeries S&S’s hard plastic surface with several new features, with a new stay-put rubber base to a funky textured surface that has quite an optical illusion.

SteelSeries SP Product Description:

  • Extremely durable hard plastic mousepad
  • Macroscopic texture offers minimal friction Medium-sized, optimised for optical and laser
  • Two component mousepad; plastic surface with rubber bottom

SteelSeries SP is a macroscopic-textured, hard plastic mousepad designed for competitive gamers demanding precision, accuracy and stability from their mousing surface. The responsive gaming-grade surface of SteelSeries SP offers minimal friction, even for gamers applying a high force of contact on their mice.

The surface is compatible with optical and laser mouse technologies and was developed and fine-tuned in co-operation with professional Counter-Strike players from mousesports, SK Gaming, Team 3D and compLexity.

A non-slip rubber base ensures that the mousepad doesn’t slide, even during the most frantic gaming sessions.