Steelpad S&S Gaming Accessories Review



Steelpad is a name that is well known in the gaming scene, creator of all kinds of surfaces and gaming accessories. For this review I’ll be checking out the Steelpad S&S gaming surface and the following accessories; Steel Cord Holder, Steel Grip, and the Steel Gaming Glove. I’ve have used countless mouse pads, some great and some that were really bad. I’ve seen a lot of Steelpads at LAN parties and my best friend happens to owns a 4D, however I have never tried one. Out of all the pads I’ve used I stuck with the RatPadz one, lets see if the S&S pad can hold up and becomes my new favorite.

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The packaging is simple like all of Steel’s products no über graphics and shiny logo’s just a cardboard box simple as it’s supposed to be.

This is the first mousepad I’ve ever seen that comes with its own protective covering, great for all those diehard LAN gamers. A nasty scratch on your pad is the worst nightmare of any gamer, with this its just unzip and frag. On the back of the cover is a separate pocket which can easily hold your mouse or a whole lot of other stuff, think of the possibilities. You can carry your peanuts and battery’s together with your mousepad.

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Included are some “all around pad surfers” there like new shoes for your mouse to go along with the suit you just bought. I tried them but I wasn’t too thrilled with it, it made a scraping sound on the S&S pad. These particular pads didn’t really fit my Logitech MX900, for al you MX users Steelpad does sell “pad surfers” for the Logitech MX series. Well I still had some teflon pads from Steelpad so that went on it straight away, now it’s much smoother.

Pad Surfers on the left, Teflon Skates on the right

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After removing a protective film from the backside of the S&S mousepad I found that it was covered in what looked to be silicone. This prevents the pad from ever slipping from your desk. I prefer this kind of anti slip to another method; most pads use little rubber feet’s only attached to the pad with a sticking backside. I knocked some of these feet off my RatPadz while attending a LAN Party so this is a big plus.

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A caliper was used to measure the thickness of the mousepads for comparison. As you can see the RatPad is considerably thicker which can cause wrist fatigue with a lot of use. The Steelpad is much thinner which eliminates the need for a wrist rest and does not cause any fatigue. The S&S Pad is only 2mm thick, while the RatPadz is elevated 6.5mm, this raised surface isn’t really RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) friendly, but the S&S lies flat on my desk.

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Measuring in at 270mm in length and is 320mm in width, the S&S Pad is nice and large but not to big to be of any problem. I have used the S&S Pad for over a week now, and I didn’t have any pain in my wrist after prolonged sessions, something I did have with the RatPadz unless I used a wrist support.

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As you can see the S&S Pad has a denser grit of dimples and bumps, while the RatPadz has a wider grit with deeper valley’s. However the RatPadz is smoother to the feel, the mouse slides over it like ice, while the S&S is a bit less slick. However I’ve gotten used to it and I like it better now.

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Well I have used the pad for about 2 weeks now and need to tell you guys that that RatPadz is now used by my little sister, I’m sticking with this one. The Steelpad S&S is great value for money and one of the better gaming surfaces you can buy. I leave you with some late night sessions of Counter Strike Source.

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