Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Game Review


Unleash Me Baby, One More Time!

Despite lackluster reviews of the former Force Unleashed game, Lucasarts knows when they have something good.  The original Force Unleashed (FU for short) was a highly underrated game in my opinion, but was scathed by many review houses for some issues that could have been worked out with a little more development time.  The game studio has had mixed success with video games based on the Star Wars franchise, as there have been some real doosies, offset by some of the most excellent games available.

Lucasarts has “unleashed” the second installment of The Force Unleashed, and hopes to win over gamers with improved gameplay features, and a continuing storyline.  This review focuses on the PC version of the game, which also takes advantage of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows (reviewed here).

PC Game options

One cool thing about the PC version is that it uses both the mouse and keyboard, as well as an Xbox 360 controller (or other PC gamepad).  The game automatically senses if an Xbox 360 controller is used, and changes the gameplay accordingly.  The game has reminders about how to perform a certain action, and uses the correct key binding for the controller you’re currently using.  If you have a gamepad plugged in and start using the keyboard, then the game automatically compensates.  We’ve seen this behavior in nearly every “Games for Windows” title that also exists for the Xbox 360, and those games also connect to the same Xbox Live account.  It’s great to play a PC game and have the achievements show up on your Xbox 360 leaderboard (Bioshock 2 or Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC behave this way), but sadly Lucasarts doesn’t utilize this.

Below is a grid of the controls for the PC version using the mouse + keyboard, and Xbox 360 controller

Control PC Xbox 360
Move Left A Lstick
Move Right D Lstick
Move Forward W Lstick
Move Back D Lstick
Jump Space A
Force Dash Shift LB
Center Camera C R-stick
Force Powers Menu Enter N/A
Force Fury R LS + RS (click)
Lightsaber Attack Mouse 1 X
Block Mouse 3 LT
Force Grip Mouse 2 RT
Force Push E B
Force Lighting Q Y
Force Sense Ctrl D-pad Up
Target Lock Tab RB
Previous Target Wheel Down N/A
Next Target Wheel Up N/A
Rank Up Esc (to menu) Select

Next we look at the differences between FU and FU2 and go over the PC graphics options…