Square Enix Dropped the Bomb. So Long Sony

People HATE it when I am right. Two years ago I said FFXIII would sooner or later be ported to the 360. Well look what happened? It just got announced for a 360 release. Am I surprised? No. Sony has done a dismal job with the PS3 and the only thing that saved it from drowning this Christmas was Metal Gear Solid 4 (it’s the only reason I am buying one, there absolutly isn’t any other reason to).  With the way cross platform works now it gets more and more clear that the industry can’t support three systems. Remember during the 8-bit and 16-bit days when there was like FIVE consoles to choose from? Granted it was either Nintendo or Sega, but because chipsets were so different, porting games was a bitch. So if you wanted to say, play Bonk’s Adventure, you needed to buy a Turbo Grafix. With no 1st party games anymore (except Nintendo) Owning either the 360 or the PS3 means you pretty much own both (aside from MGS4). At least the Wii was unique enough that we can buy it on novelty. This is a punch Sony may not recover from. MGS4’s figures were good, but they are the equivelant to Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, the game sold like mad, look what happened to poor N64?

Good luck with your next console Sony, maybe if you just make a games console rather than a box full of extra crap that drives the price up you can keep your fanbase.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.