Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air Force Review


Fighter Pilots Needed

Compared to the games I’ve been playing lately, Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air Force is easy – too easy.

Destineer delivers a game that could be picked up easily, but putting it down is another story. It’s about time. It’s 1940 and the RAF is in the early stages of World War II. You have volunteered your life to the Royal Air Force, and now it’s time to put yourself against the Germans in an all-out dogfight. Several missions give you (the recruit) a chance to shine. Will your rickety plane survive the mess to come? Or will you outsmart your well-trained adversaries?

Here’s a description of the game from Destineer:

Spring 1940. German forces occupy Europe and prepare to invade England. Britain’s survival depends on the courage of a handful of men: the pilots of the Royal Air Force. Join the squadron and scramble your Spitfire on thrilling missions to shift the balance of power in World War II in Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the RAF from Destineer and developer Big John Games. This exciting air combat shooter brings the heroic actions of the RAF to the Nintendo DS™ with intuitive flight mechanics, devious enemy pilots, and wireless support for up to four players. Players fly for the Royal Air Force through missions based on real events that shaped the outcome of the war. Exciting features include:

Fast-Paced Air Combat: Roll, shoot, bomb, and maneuver your way through some of the toughest opponents ever to take to the skies. Earn medals and ranks as you progress through the course of World War II – if you survive!

Exciting Mission-Based Gameplay: Enter into frenzied dogfights with German fighters, strafe columns of enemy tanks, cover the evacuation of Allied troops, knock buzz bombs out of the sky with a tip of your wing and more in an expansive campaign that recreates some of the most famous battles of the war.

Robust Multiplayer: Survive the Air Campaign and select your favorite fighter to combat your friends. Up to four players can go head-to-head via Nintendo DS Wireless Communications.